Horsepowers of the apocalypse: Steve Morris Engines’ 3625hp big block Chev

We know that Steve Morris Engines do some of the craziest high-horsepower engine builds, but this one gets a bit more interesting. This isn’t just a dedicated race engine – this one is built to work just as well cruising on pump gas, as it does screaming down the drag strip, burning methanol.

We’ll start with a number to explain why this is such a big deal.

Three thousand, six hundred and twenty five. That’s how much horsepower this boosted big block assaults the dyno with, and it’s the sort of number that was once only the domain of twelve-year-old boys on internet forums who claimed that’s how much power their imaginary Mustang made.

What’s more, this is only the test mule! Once all the parts prove themselves, they will be installed in a billet version engine, more capable of handling the stresses of 3,600-plus horsepower, and just maybe letting them squeeze a few more horses out.

Intended to be installed in a 1969 Camaro dragster, the 615ci (10.1-liter) twin-turbocharged big block Chev runs two separate fuel systems – one dedicated to pumping huge amounts of methanol into the cylinders to move the ’69 Camaro down the drag strip, and another to run the engine on premium pump gas when it’s just cruising.

Of course, like the wild animal this engine is, this kind of boost needs some serious control. That’s why Steve has used two Turbosmart 60mm PowerGate wastegates and two massive Big Bubba blow-off valves to keep near-36 pounds of boost in check.

It’s not the first time we’ve been left stunned by one of Steve’s builds. Earlier in the year, he made the 3000hp engine in this sand-chewing Hummer H1.

With 3625hp, this big block is expected to get Tom Bailey’s 1969 Camaro known as ‘Sick 2.0’ down the quarter mile in the five second zone.

These sorts of builds are the ones that make us love guys like Steve. These crazy mad-scientist-like projects leave us in shock and awe and put smiles on our faces. And yet, for these guys, putting something like this together is just another day at the office.

Let SME walk you through the build in the video below.

One thought on “Horsepowers of the apocalypse: Steve Morris Engines’ 3625hp big block Chev

  1. Learning with Steve is like a antidote for me. I lost a lot of my expirrienced machinist and engine builder teachers right when I started to comprehend math in performance.volumetric ecficency and have train geometry rpm to cfm conversions I really desire to build my ultimate compression engine soon using a S.B.C. as a blank sheet. Anyway I appreciate Steve offering HIS time free. He is in my prayers for bringing into the circle builders that
    Have a handicap But still are passionate.
    Sincerly JACK.