​Turbosmart IWG-75 for Diesel

Cleaner and Simpler 

Upgrading your boost control actuator to a Turbosmart IWG is a cost effective, “set and forget” solution for boost control on turbocharged diesel engines. Changing to a Turbosmart IWG actuator means boost is controlled by spring pressure (Options from 3PSI to 40PSI available) rather than fitting an extra ‘bleed vale’ which can mean a tangle of vacuum hoses and often leave your engine bay covered in oil and grime due to the ‘heavy breathing’ of diesel engines.
More Power 
Turbosmart’s range of IWG’s puts you in control of boost, meaning more torque when you want it. Because the Turbosmart actuator brings boost on earlier than the stock actuator, and holds boost for longer through the rev range, substantial gains are made in midrange power and torque. Giving you more power for towing and a more enjoyable drive.
Better Economy 
No longer are mountain roads a thing of dread. The extra torque delivered by the actuator makes powering up an incline a breeze. Plus, because the vehicle is able to dig down into its extra torque and midrange to tackle inclines, it doesn’t need to rev as hard do get up the hill. This translates in to a fuel saving for you. In fact, in our own testing, we’ve seen as much as a 10% gain in fuel economy!
Better Economy. More Power. Cleaner and Simpler – All these gains, and nothing to lose. That’s why Turbosmart is ENGINEERED TO WIN.

TS-0681-5072 – IWG-75 – Universal Actuator for Spring Pressures 3psi-26psi

TS-0626-1354 – IWGHP – Universal High Pressure Actuator for Spring Pressures 25psi-40psi