A message from the CEO

If I was to describe this year in one word, it would be “change”. 2010 marked many changes for our company, we have seen changes in our ranks, in our infrastructure and perhaps the biggest change – in our mindset.

It hasn’t been an easy year, with many of the world’s biggest economies still recovering from last year’s downturn and the currency rollercoaster playing havoc with our exchange rates. But as the saying goes: “when the going gets tough, the tough keep going”. And go we did, harder, stronger and more determined than ever before.

With every new product released, with every race won, with every award earned, we defied the trends and put ticks in all our “To Do” boxes. We now stand at the threshold of a new decade with the best product range, the best racing team and the most dedicated staff we’ve ever had, and we are ready to take on the World!

These are not just empty words either, the Turbosmart brand has well and truly forced its way onto the world stage this year. Some would say it even stole the spotlight! You only need to look at how our sponsored vehicles performed this year.

PAC Performance have reset the World Record no less than three times. They are now the undisputed Rotary World Champions. Their closest competition comes from Puerto Rico, and, oddly enough, also uses Turbosmart products.

Mike Murillo, a 6-time NMRA Champion, absolutely dominated the Outlaw Class this season, breaking a National record and setting a new personal best in process. For a good measure, Mike wrapped up his year with two back-to-back victories at the Street Car Supernationals and The Clash of the Titans.

Back in Southern Hemisphere, Rob Compese’s Mustang became Australia’s fastest and quickest turbo car, while New Zealand’s Robbie Ward totally annihilated the competition in his RB-powered dragster.

On the circuit scene, in an unprecedented chain reaction, a majority of the fastest Time Attack cars in the World have made a switch to Turbosmart – all with amazing results! The Sierra Sierra EVO has broken a long-standing lap record at the Buttonwillow track, becoming USA’s fastest Time Attack car. FX Motorsport’sNSX followed, also setting a new track record for the RWD class. The trend continued with UMS Tuning andAFI Turbo also switching to Turbosmart, as did the Japanese Time Attack Champions Pan Speed and R-Magic.

When one of the most influential motoring magazines in the World – Road & Track decided to have a crack at the World Land Speed Record in their Project Kizashi, they chose Turbosmart products. When Steve Millenwanted to control the boost on his beastly R35 GTR, he chose Turbosmart. When Prep’d Motorsport wanted to take on the World’s fastest at the World Time Attack Challenge – they chose Turbosmart.

It is no co-incidence that all those teams, from different forms of motorsport all display the distinctive “T” decal on their vehicles. It’s a testimony to a great design, quality of manufacture and attention to detail that all Turbosmart products have in common.

To say that we’re ending this year on a high note would be an understatement. Our 2010 Product Range has received international acclaim at the Automechanika Show in Frankfurt, PRI Show in Orlando and SEMA show in Las Vegas – with our new Comp-Gate40 winning no less than three International Media Awards!

This is what happens when a great team works together towards the same goal. It’s as exciting as it is rewarding.
Well done in 2010 – Bring on 2011!

On behalf of all the Turbosmart staff and myself, I would like to thank all our distributors, wholesalers and dealers and most importantly – all of the performance enthusiasts and racers out there for their loyalty and dedication throughout the year. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Nicholas Cooper – CEO, Turbosmart Pty Ltd

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