AET Motorsports launch

Turbosmart’s UK distributor – AET Turbos – have just unveiled their all-new AET Motorsports brand.¬†With a brand new image, website and a new attitude, AET Motorsports is aiming to capture the “winning spirit” of the motorsport industry.

“When winning means everything, you need the people who know everything about winning. After 37 years of motorsports, we know that you need more than just equipment and money. You need an extra something – that secret formula that’s going to help you squeeze out every last drop of power. We call it Voodoo… that touch of black magic that comes from a unique mix of experience, expertise and talent, and gives you the edge you need to succeed.”

Who: AET Motorsport
Where: Normanton Industrial Estate, Normanton
Wakefield, London, West Yorkshire WF6 1TE
Call: +44 (0) 1924 894171