All-Diesel All-Audi Podium at Le Mans

The 3 car, 440 kW Audi R15 TDI team has taken their fourth 1-2-3 Audi Podium at Le Mans. The technology behind the 2010 R15 TDI has been in development over last three years, and perfected in the AudiSport V10TDI engine. Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) technology is claimed to be responsible for the high power output possible from the R15 despite the strict new restrictions on diesel powered vehicles.

But the proof is in the results – the victorious Audi R15 TDI with Timo Bernhard (Germany), Romain Dumas (France) and Mike Rockenfeller (Germany) completed a total of 397 laps in the 24 hours. With the covered distance of 5,410 kilometers, the trio broke the 1971 record set by Dr. Helmut Marko and Gijs van Lennep in the Porsche 917 that was considered unbeatable because the Hunaudières straight at that time had no chicanes.

Turbosmart would like to congratulate the Audi team on their achievements at Le Mans 2010.