Comp-Gate40s on STS ZR7 Corvette

Rick Squires from STS Turbos is the latest convert to Turbosmart’s new Comp-Gate40. They look right at home on his twin turbo, 700hp ZR7 Corvette.

“The new 40mm gates are super cool! So much easier to line up the tail pipes now with dual v-bands. Lots more room in the back of the Vette now too” said Rick.

“I can actually get in there and have enough room to change the springs without removing the gates – way nice! 4 ports for the references makes the installation symetrical and clean too.”

“I love the fit and high flow capacity. Great job on this new product and thanks for all the support. You guys rock!”

Rick adds that while out of a test drive in the Corvette, he got pulled over by what appeared like the entire Pleasant Grove Police Department. When he questioned why the entire force was there with their lights on, the officer said: “When I decided to pull you over, I called for backup because I thought: if this guy runs, there is no way that I’m going to be able to catch him.”

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