Correct Wastegate fitting

The mounting position of your wastegate is largely determined by your turbo and manifold setup and may be constrained by space restrictions in your engine bay.

The following points should be considered when mounting your wastegate:

1. The weld flanges should be welded to your exhaust system. The weld flanges should be compatible with Stainless Steel and Mild steel welding rod material.

2. Secure the wastegate to the weld flanges with the supplied V-Band clamps. Do not forget to put the valve seat into the body before mounting the unit on the exhaust manifold. Tighten the supplied M6 screws to a torque value of 14 Nm (10 ft/lbs)

3. For best results an attempt should be made, if space allows, to mount you wastegate at an angle to the exhaust flow to allow for better flow than a 90 degree mounting. See the schematic diagrams below for examples of mounting positions.