Dealer Spotlight: AET Motorsports

Few people know turbos as intimately as the team at AET.

AET founder Tony Taylor traces his racing roots back to 1958, a time well before turbocharging ever started showing up in mainstream motorsport. In the ’60s, Tony became a one of the true pioneers of turbocharging. Initially toying with the new technology on trucks and industrial machinery, in the late ’60s, Tony began helping develop turbochargers for petrol engines, including projects specifically for motorsport.

In 1974, Tony founded AET in West Yorkshire as a turbocharging specialist. The business spent most of its early years repairing turbochargers for commercial vehicle manufacturers.

The 1980s, however, saw turbocharging hit motorsports in a big way. AET was leading the action, helping countless racing teams develop turbocharged engines, including some as prestigious as Ferrari Cosworth in F1.

Today, that legacy of pioneering engineering can still be found in the company Tony founded over forty years ago. Now in the hands of Tony’s son, Andy Taylor, AET now caters to the performance enthusiast market.

AET’s relationship with Turbosmart began in the early 2000s, when they became the UK distributor for Turbosmart products. Turbosmart was the ideal match for a company whose name was built on quality and expertise.

“Whilst we could have gone for a range of lesser brands, that simply isn’t the AET way – we are not a company that compromises! It was a perfect fit – Turbosmart share our values and commitment to quality and innovation, their products are absolutely fantastic, and we’ve worked closely with them ever since,” Andy says.

AET continues to be involved in motorsport, providing turbocharger parts, consultancy and repair services to big UK players, including Ricardo Motorsport’s R&D department, Abbey Motorsport/Brams Racing, Roger Clark Motorsport and United Autosport.

AET’s current ongoing projects include their Saker RapX, a stunning small-production lightweight race car from New Zealand running a Subaru flat four. The Saker is AET’s ultimate project, a playground for their engineers to run wild and create a vehicle they have always wanted. It’s going to see all new engine internals and a Borg Warner EFR turbo, all to take on what is often considered the world’s most fearsome racetrack, the Nurburgring Nordeschliefe.

AET has been selling and using Turbosmart products, and putting them to the test in extreme projects, for over 14 years. From humble beginnings working on trucks and machinery, to providing the turbocharging needs of some of the world’s top racing teams, AET has done just about everything there is to be done with turbos.

For more info, visit their website, or find AET on Facebook.