Dealer Spotlight: Owen Developments

Owen Developments is a turbocharger manufacturer, repairer, accessory retailer and Turbosmart distributor located in Oxfordshire, established in 1980 by Brian Owen.

The company’s reputation as turbocharging experts has been recognised by a variety of motorsport governing bodies, as they have been chosen as the control supplier of motorsport turbochargers for a number of racing series, including the BTCC and Mini Challenge. Owen Developments was also chosen by Mitsubishi to develop and supply the turbo and mapping for the massively powerful Evo FQ400, and they were chosen to develop and supply the turbo for the 400hp Cosworth Subaru Impreza WRX.

Today, Owen Developments is working on its own turbocharger range.

“After years of making many components that we then fitted into other manufactures Turbos that we worked on and modified, it seems logical to now manufacture the remaining components not already covered, so we will have our own range of turbos,” said Lee Owen from Owen Developments.

Owen Developments became a Turbosmart distributor in 2014, but their experience selling, using and tuning with Turbosmart products began a decade earlier in 2004. Today, Owen Developments has extensive experience tuning with Turbosmart products, both on customers’ cars and their own development vehicles, so they know well how to put Turbosmart products to use. In one instance, the Owen Developments team discovered that a Turbosmart Kompact Shortie diverter valve returned 31hp and 37lb/ft of torque to their otherwise stock Mk5 VW Golf GTI development car.

Owen Developments’ practical experience with the products they sell is what makes them highly respected by their customers.

“We are not just a sales company, we live and breathe the products we supply. We actually understand them, since we also build and service the products,” Owen said.

The Owen Developments team are always up to cool stuff, so check out their website, or find them on Facebook.