e-Boost2 helps Josh’s Camaro get on boost

This stealth Camaro belongs to Josh Forster. It runs a 408 small block Chevy with a single 91mm turbo, Turbosmart Pro-Gate 50 and a Race Port bov.

Josh installed an e-Boost2 and we help him set it up at the Cunningham Motorsports workshop. The car responded beautifully; we were able to get it to 690hp at the wheels with 9 pounds of boost on pump gas.

We have made some runs at different boost setpoints and managed to get 1096hp at the wheels with only 17.3 pounds of boost. Quite a remarkable increase in power with just about 9 more bounds of boost and the methanol injection activated. All this is even more impressive considering the has never broken the 1000hp mark before!

The graphs below show what we were able to accomplish with a perfectly flat boost curve after 4 pulls.