eBay Turbosmart Fakes Busted!

With a help of our Legal Department we were recently able to stop an unauthorised eBay dealer from selling counterfeit products.

“This is a major win. Not just for Turbosmart but for our customers too” said the company’s CEO, Nicholas Cooper. “It sets a legal precedent which puts all those dealing in counterfeit products on notice!”

Turbosmart has been cracking down on counterfeits for a while now and this win is a definite step forward in ensuring that when you hand over your hard earned cash, you are getting a genuine Turbosmart product.

What are counterfeits and why are they bad for everyone
How to ensure you’re buying a Turbosmart Genuine Product
Go to the Turbosmart Authorised Dealer List

At Turbosmart we spend countless hours developing and testing our products. We use only the highest grade materials and enforce strict quality control procedures. Our products are tested on the world’s top level race cars before the reach retail shelves.

When you buy a counterfeit product you bypass all that. Don’t risk it!

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9 thoughts on “eBay Turbosmart Fakes Busted!

    • There is many ways to spot fakes.

      Ideally we recommend you send us pictures of the product to sales@www.turbosmart.com and we can verify whether the product is a legitimate one or not.

      Also, if the price is too good to be true, generally it is a counterfeit.

  1. In my opinion, the best solution is to make a numbering of each product and to create some sort of “parts family” sent to official dealers worldwide. In this case every one will be able to insert this number on the site and to verify legitimacy of any product supplied.

  2. Glad to see you guys are trying to stay on top of this. Fake parts are for fake cars. I am all about being cost prohibitive, but you can’t be flat out CHEAP.

  3. Your products is the best..you can easily spot the difference between originals and fakes..look at the finish of the product and you will spot it !!

    Here in Kuwait it’s way easy..they are so damn stupid that they print TurboSmart box and on top of it they put a sticker say “Made in Japan” lol !

  4. Hi ihave a question
    I have mk7 golf gtd
    i want install blow off adaptor with my car
    How do you think about this ?
    If i can what kind i did buy?