Faster than a speeding bullet!

Work is continuing at a steady pace on the Slaughter Land Speed Streamliner. With the framework completed, all the attention is now focused on the engine and body work.

For those not familiar with the Land Speed Record racers, a quick look on Trevor Slaughter’s home page will reveal a motto to which a large number of the Land Speed racers live by: “It’s dangerous, it’s expensive, results are hard to achieve. Why do it? The Challenge. To spend time and money, to overcome the danger and achieve a Land Speed Record is The Challenge!

Trevor Slaughter of Slaughter Racing doesn’t like doing things he’s not 100% committed to, and his #136 Slaughter Streamliner is a fine example of that decree.

Years in planning and development, the Streamliner is in its final stages of built. Using a custom-built engine, based on Toyota’s straight six 2JZ motor, the setup includes Turbosmart’s Race Port bovs, Power-Gate60 external wastegates, FPR2000 fuel pressure regulators and an e-Boost2 boost management system.

Once completed, the #136 Slaughter Streamliner will compete in the F/BFS Class as sanctioned by SCTA(Southern California Timing Association, USA) and DLRA (Dry Lakes Racers Association, AUS).

See the stage-by-stage build-up diary of this car here:
What: F/BFS Class Land Speed Record Streamliner
Built by Slaughter Motorsport”:
Where: PO Box 4009 ?Springfield QLD 4300?Australia

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