House of Boost on e-Boost Street

House of Boost® is an aftermarket performance company utilizing over 20 years of automotive industry experience. Specializing in forced induction products, House of Boost is dedicated to designing, selling, and installing the products that get our hearts racing–show quality, high performance parts for vehicles that are more than just trailer queens and magazine fantasies. Their motto says it all: “We make fast stuff FASTER.”

Here is what Jeremy Clark, head of sales and technical development had to say about e-Boost STREET:

“The Turbosmart E-Boost Street boost controller is one of the easiest, most effective boost controllers we’ve installed. The set up menu is very simple to use and install is a breeze. It does exactly what its suppose to do time after time. Anyone looking for an easy to use boost controller for their street car application should definitely look into a Turbosmart e-Boost Street controller.”