Huge Turnout makes for PRI Success

Turbosmart headed to famed US racing hub Indianapolis last week for the 2013 Performance Race Industry show.  We fought through snowy weather, and freezing temperatures, but the show turnout made it absolutely worth it.


Tuesday morning led the staff to Fleece Performance Engineering’s homebase, just outside Indianapolis in the famed Nitro Alley (a hub of major drag racing kingpins like Force, Pedregon, and Shumacher Racing).  We drove through the area in awe on our way to Fleece’s Diesel University.  Team Turbosmart popped in to say hi to attendees, and talk about a bit about diesel boost control.  Thanks for letting us get involved, Fleece!


The next day, we were up bright early—Turbosmart was grateful for the opportunity to take part in the MPMC Education Day on Wednesday, December 11, as Stewart led a room of 25 attendees into the “Basics of Turbocharging and Boost Control.” They were so excited to learn, they started filing in during set up.


We brought out some new products for PRI, including the game changing valve travel sensor cap for the ProGate 50 and PowerGate 60, the brand new eBoost2 – 120PSI, the high pressure IWG75, and the new Golf R Dual Port blow off valve.


Over the course of the three day show, we struck up tons of conversations with other automotive enthusuasts, and cemented some good deals to make Turbosmart products more available than ever before.  Turn 14 was announced as Turbosmart’s Warehouse Distributor of the Year for 2013.


Staff on hand for the week included  Nic Cooper (President/CEO), Marty Staggs (Vice President/General Manager), Stewart Mahony (Production Manager), Kirstin Stone (National Accounts), and Chris Milne (Export Sales).


The booth stayed packed, and we all kept busy.


Thank you to all of the visitors that stopped by during the show; we look forward to seeing you all out at SEMA and PRI 2014!