Hyper-Gate45 in the Hot Rod mag

This month’s issue of Hot Rod Magazine features our new Hyper-Gate45 in a “627hp for $3831” technical feature. The article followed a DIY budget turbo upgrade on a junkyard 5.7L Dodge Hemi. As the title suggests, the Hot Rod team managed to get an impressive 627hp for just $3831 including the motor! This is what they had to say about the new Hyper-Gate45:

“Knowing that just one stuck wastegate can ruin an engine, we paid a little more for a quality wastegate from Turbosmart. Their new Hyper-Gate45 offered a reduction in both weight and physical size and a revolutionary new locking collar that made spring changes a snap. The boost curve was billiard-table smooth and perfectly repeatable using the new Hyper-Gate45.”