Installing a Turbosmart IWG on a Dodge Cummins Diesel

Yes, the Diesel guys need some IWG lovin too! The fact is that there are some very good benefits to be had when upgrading the factory stamped steel actuator with a fully adjustable billet model from Turbosmart.

The Turbosmart Diesel IWG helps to reduce sluggishness and “lag” resulting in improved acceleration. The Turbosmart Diesel IWG produces massive torque right from idle, achieves a higher peak boost faster, maintains higher boost through the powerband, while still effectively controlling peak boost. The Turbosmart Diesel IWG wastegate actuator also prevents “wastegate blow-open” by keeping the valve seated longer at higher pressures, thereby increasing mid-range torque and top-end power.

I have personally seen better transient response and higher mid-range boost pressures that resulted in a slight decrease in EGT and a boost in MPG.

Let’s get into the installation. The first thing to do is to remove the intake piping from the turbo. This is very easily accomplished.

Now you can easily get to the turbo –

Now you can remove the pressure hose –

The new actuator can be swapped out quite simply from underneath the truck by removing the factory 6mm nuts and re-using them with the new actuator. I find it quite useful to use a regulated pressure source to extend the actuator rod to more easily slide it into place –

Be sure to replace the factory circlip –

New IWG in place –

Now, re-install turbo intake plumbing and you are all done!

You can download these fitting instructions here