New Release: Internal Wastegate Actuator for Ford XR6

Ford XR6 Internal Wastegate Actuator (IWG)
Part Number: TS-0622-1072

Ford XR6 Internal Wastegate Actuator provides better turbo response and greater sensitivity when managing boost pressures. Designed as a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory part, the XR6 IWG is easy to install and requires no special tools or fabrication. It can’t get any easier!


• Silicone diaphragm with Nomex reinforcement to withstand high temperatures.
• High grade, billet aluminium construction
• Stainless steel rods and connecting clevis for corrosion resistance.
• Locking Collar design cap allows for quick spring changes.

• Ford XR6 turbo BA and FG.

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74 thoughts on “New Release: Internal Wastegate Actuator for Ford XR6

  1. What spring is installed in the actuator as it comes in the box? Any plans for an adjustable version in the future?

    • Ryan,

      The IWG comes in either 2 trims – 7PSI or a 12PSI.

      The 7PSI one has 1 7PSI MIDDLE SPRING installed in it.
      The 12PSI one has 1 5PSI INNER SPRING and 1 7PSI OUTER SPRING installed.

      The springs are all the same as the CompGate40 and are interchangeable as you can run an INNER, MIDDLE and OUTER spring at the same time.

  2. I’ve just recently had one of these fitted to my car by a workshop, but he never gave me any paperwork that came with it. Does Turbosmart have any instruction manuals with this actuator?

    • Jacob,

      You don’t NEED to re-tune your XR6T, it will run of the regular computer,

      If you do have a fairly large aftermarket setup though, it is recommended to re-tune the factory ECU or use an aftermarket one.

  3. Hi, I have a BA XR6 Turbo with a ECU tune with the boost at 13.5psi. Is the factory actuator ok for this boost or would you recommend upgrading to a 12psi actuator? Thanks

    • Martin,

      We suggest upgrading the actuator to a 12psi item, as you will get much better boost response as compared to the factory actuator.

  4. Hi
    I have a standard BA xr6 t, will it benefit and will I notice increase in performance/power.

    • Hi Darren,

      You will definitely notice an increase in performance. This brings boost on a bit earlier so the car will be more responsive and will hold boost for much longer than the factory actuator.

  5. hey i have a stock xr6 ba turbo witch im upgrading what would be best to buy the 7psi or the 12psi wondering if this part would be a good start cheers

    • Hi John,

      What boost will you be running? If you are looking at running higher boost levels in the future, we suggest you go with a 12psi Actuator.

      It will definitely be a good start as it will increase response from the turbo!

  6. Hi I have a bf f6 with an upgraded exhaust, injectors and a tune, will this actuator require an additional tune for my engine?

    • Matty,

      The factory replacement 7PSI will not need an additional tune, but if you want to run extra boost and purchase the 12PSI, it is recommended that you run an additional tune as you will be able to extract a lot more power from your F6.

    • When increasing the boost on any engine, it is best to get the tune checked out to make sure you do not damage the engine.

  7. hi matt i installed the actuator on the weekend with the external spring on the 12pound which i understand is the 7 pound spring?i cant see behind the turbo to do the preload so i set it the same length as the standard one .i then took it for a drive it responded well but then it shot to 20psi on my boost gauge ,am i doing this correctly or have i done spring or preload wrong.regards andy

  8. hey im looking at getting one my car is currently running 6psi but im looking at going up to about 10 in future if i get the 12psi and install it will it still run 6psi ok untill i go up to 10?

  9. Hey jus put on your actuator on my fg xr6 turbo an have changed nothing else an it keeps settin off my ova boost an putting car into safe mode with engine light on do u know why this could be happening.

    • What actuator rating? No other modifications to the car? Exhaust, Air filter, etc?

  10. Hi,

    I need to replace my stock actuator in my FG XR6 Turbo. I’m not planning on increasing the boost in future, but I noticed my car actually runs max boost of 8.6 psi. (As read from a OBDII scanner) Should I buy the 7psi actuator or the 12psi?

    Installing the 12 won’t cause the car to boost to 12psi will it? It just means the ECU can control the turbo between 1-12psi instead of just 1-7psi right?

  11. Hi Alistair,

    You will want to get the 7psi model. The pressure rating is for the base pressure or the lowest pressure your actuator will start to open your wastegate, so for instance if you went for the 12psi model you would not be able to run less than 12psi.

  12. How much does it currently cost to upgrade to the 7 psi actuator to 12 psi later on? It’s just the cost of an additional spring correct?

  13. Hi,

    Will this work with an FG XR6T that has the GTX upgrade on it? If not do you have a bracket / actuator combo that will work with the GTX3582R.


  14. Hey, my ford bf xr6 turbo is running standard boost can I run a 12psi wastegate on or do I have to run the 7psi wastegate

    • Hi Raymond,

      The XR6T tends to run very lean very easily when you put higher than factory boost into it without a tune, so I wouldn’t suggest putting a 12psi actuator on a stock car. Even with the 7psi version I would be getting a dyno run done to make sure your AFR is ok, you don’t want to risk blowing your engine up for the sake of a few dollars.

  15. Hi,

    I have an 2013 Fg xr6t, I’m running standard boost which I assume to be around 10psi with the smaller turbo, if I buy the 7psi spring option can I just get a 5psi spring later to add into the unit when I decide to increase the boost, or would I need to get the same spring set up the 12psi unit is using? (i.e swap the 7psi middle spring for a 5psi inner and 7psi outer)


    • Hi Lenny,

      Standard boost on the FG is 7psi, however with our actuators you will find that even with the 7psi version you will need to put it on a dyno to make sure you aren’t running lean. These cars are very sensitive to changes in actuator spring pressure, and don’t like boost increases without a tune (they run lean and can detonate).

      Regarding the spring combinations, there are three spring perches inside the actuator (Inner, Middle, and Outer) and you can have one of each kind of spring in there. So if you have the 7psi middle you are able to put in the 5psi inner no problems to bring it up to 12psi.

  16. Hwy there i have an 05 territory ghia turbo with a 11psi flash tune upgrade is your 7psi actuator ok for this set up as i was told it was a direct change over in this car wit out a retune as this tune is very mild without injector upgrade?

    • Hi Joe,

      I wouldn’t recommend just bolting one on and expecting it to be fine with your tune. Since you have had the car tuned it will be based on the current condition of the engine and all the components, and if you swap one of those components (the actuator in this case) out then you will need to make sure the tune can compensate for the change. With the stiffer spring you will find that boost will ramp up quicker and hold more stable at the top end, so your tune will need to compensate for this and make sure it can control it without spiking or creeping in the top end.

      As with any mod like this, I would recommend at the minimum a power run on a dyno to make sure your air fuel ratio is ok.

      • Thanx for that the guy who supplied the flash tuner sqid we can bolt it on asnd see how we go with stickn the prong in the exhaust to see if its running lean or not, obviously hasnt got an actuator tune for that set up. Although he as one for a 12psi actuator with 60lb injector upgarade so based on what you have told me if im going to change it might aswell gl straight to 12psi and be safe! Thanx alot for that info!

  17. Hey there, I’ve got recently bought a BF, it already has injectors, exhaust system and cold air intake upgrades. It’s been tuned to 15 psi. Is this unit supposed to increase boost or make it kick in faster or? Just a bit confused on the exact difference this would make to my car. Also would the 12 psi actuator be what I should be after?

    Thanks heaps

    • Hi Josh,

      Our actuator will be able to increase the boost as well as make it kick in earlier. Basically the spring pressure determines the minimum boost pressure you can run (so for the 12psi actuator you can’t run less than around 11-12 psi). We also use higher rate springs than the factory item so you will find boost response is far better. You will need to port your wastegate and install a larger flapper valve if you want to use more spring pressure than comes in the factory actuator though, as the wastegate port is too small to flow enough to keep the boost levels in check on the oem falcon turbo.

      If you don;t want to run less than 12psi then yes I would go with the 12psi version. It will let you hold boost levels flatter as the rpm rises, and will give you better boost response.

  18. Hi I have a fg xr6t have done flash tune bigger injectors and hi flow cat am I able to just bolt it on without tuning it agin ?? And will I notice the diffrance

    • Hi Cameron,

      No you can’t just bolt it on and drive away. You will need to at a minimum put your car on a dyno to check your air fuel ratio, but I would suggest that you would need a retune to suit the boost levels that the actuator will produce. You will also need to port your wastegate and install a larger flapper valve if you haven’t already had that done, otherwise you will run into overboosting issues.

  19. Hi there. Iv got a ba xr6 turbo still running a standard actuator/ standard tune have cold air intake, bigger cooler and exhaust. Starting to experience over boost, currently not driving it due to this. Looking at getting the 7psi actuator. Will the 5psi ‘inner’ spring work to get it driving to take to a tuner? Cheers.

    • Hey mate,

      The standard actuator comes with a 3psi spring so if you are overboosting with that then you will overboost with the 5psi spring in our actuator. If you can’t drive it off boost then towing it might be the best option.

  20. Hi guys,
    I just got a 06 SY Territory turbo, its got a pod filter and a TurboSmart plumback bov.
    Will I be OK just swapping out the stock actuator with a 7psi or 12psi one without a tune?

    • Hi Christian,

      On a completely stock car you could put the 7psi actuator on, but once you start doing mods such as your intake and BOV you will need to at least put it on a dyno to make sure everything is within spec. Where are you located? I can recommend some workshops to speak with about what options you’ve got and where to go from here if you like.

  21. Hi guys,

    Can you change the springs in the actuator while it’s on the vehicle or do you have to remove it all together?


  22. I have the 12psi actuator and tuned the car today. I want it to hold about 23psi of boost but it is only holding 20psi. What psi is the outer spring rated at and what price range am I looking at for the spring?

    Btw the car is much more responsive

  23. my ba F6 is running 16psi with stock actuator at the moment installing the 12 psi is the correct way to go I’m guessing? and also will the car more than likely need a re tune? thanks

    • Hey mate,

      Yes your car will need a re-tune, and if you haven’t already had it done you will absolutely need to get the wastegate port machined out so support the stiffer spring in the actuator. Considering that the OEM actuator is rated at around 3Psi basically anything you put on there will be better, but for ultimate response I would go with the 12Psi version.

  24. Hi have just purchased a iwg75 gate Can I run just the outer brown and purple spring on its own and will this give me 7psi or do you need a inner 7 Psi spring as well just confused cheers

  25. I have a FGX will this fit and Since the factory FGX is already running 12psi.
    What would be the benefit in running this?


    • Hi Matt,

      Yes this IWG will fit, it is the same across all XR6 Turbos. And you will see in improvement in boost response, and in your boost curve (you will see less boost drop off as the RPM rises). So even though you are not increasing your peak boost, you are making your turbo harness the exhaust gas energy more efficiently. I would recommend either the 7psi or 5psi version for a relatively stock car, and only use the 12psi version if you’ve had the turbo ported.

  26. hey mate do you guys sell the tool for the locking collar on the iwg-75 ? or is it the same tool used on your external wast gate ?

    regards Nathan

  27. Please help ive converted my 03 ba xr6 from n/a to turbo with a doner car and litterally converted everything over. but lately it seems to drop boost with high rpm. Also has a chirping/tweeting noise from the turbo.
    Any ideas?

    • Hi Daniel,
      The XR6 has a very sensitive ECU so if it senses that anything is slightly out of spec it will cause issues. The best thing to do would be to get it tuned by someone who knows their way around the XR6 Turbos. A tune will solve a lot of issues experienced by an XR6.

    • Hey mate put aftermarket wastegate in with five PSI spring now it’s over boosting can somebody help me …it starts to boost it comes on good then it just flutters its arse off ……..done a flash tune today it done no better please help

  28. Hi i have a stock mark 1 xr6 turbo which is overboosting recently i was thinking of buying one of these as i think the facrory one is dead

    • Mate I had the same problem, I got the 12 psi model, took the 7 pound spring out and ran the 5 psi one. Works a treat. Boost comes on hard and holds all the way to red line… awsome product. Just take the turbo off. Drop the dump all the lines. Trick is to use a 14 mm socket and a 3″ extention to get the turbo bolt next to the wastegate. All the rest are easy.

  29. Fantastic product works well will with the rest of my mods. Cai, cat back, and bigger cooler. Stock tune. On a 5 psi spring.

  30. Hi if i was to buy this product what spring would i be looking at running in this kit my car makes 381rwhp its a ford g6e turbo im pretty sure the tuner said its now running at 15psi boost all stock besides exhaust and dump pipe.

    • Hi Cameron,

      If you have an exhaust and dump pipe then you will need to stay with relatively low spring pressure (I recommend 5psi), however if you are going to get the wastegate ported and do the flapper mod then you can use the 7psi or 12psi base pressure options depending on what the minimum boost is that you would like to run. Speak to you tuner/mechanic about the best options for your car.