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External wastegates control boost pressure by actuating a valve that regulates how much exhaust gas flows to the turbocharger turbine. This we know, but up until now there have been so many questions about wastegate control, that were largely unanswered.

“Is my wastegate flowing enough?”

“Do I have the correct wastegate for my application?”

“Do I have enough spring rate, or is backpressure forcing my ‘gate open?”

“How much valve lift is there at max boost?” and

“How does the valve react in relation to engine PRM/boost pressure/engine load/temperature/etc?”

These are all questions that there was no way of answering. Even the very best, most experienced tuners could only make educated guesses. Wouldn’t it be great to actually know what is happening inside your wastegate?

Now you can! In yet another world first, Turbosmart is proud to announce latest addition to their lineup: The Turbosmart Wastegate Sensor Cap – The answer to all the above problems, and more!

A window in to your boost

With the Turbosmart Wastegate Sensor Cap you can “see” into the wastegate, so there is no need to guess anymore. You can log the wastegate valve position and know exactly what it is doing in relation to other engine operating conditions. For example, can see at X RPM, your valve lifts Y much, which results in Z boost pressure. No uncertainty, just hard data.
Why is Turbosmart the first in the world to do this?

Turbosmart customers don’t like guessing. They like numbers, facts, and data you can plot and graphs, just like Turbosmart. Turbosmart listened to their customers, and gave them a solution that works – That’s what makes Turbosmart the best at boost control!

The Turbosmart Wastegate Sensor Cap:

• Is the first of its kind on the market

• Allows the user to install a valve position sensor to their standard Turbosmart ‘gate by only changing the cap.

• Is compatible with a wide range of popular data loggers (MoTec, RacePak, AIM, etc)

• Utilises a simple 0-5 Volt sensor found in many auto parts store (or available directly from Turbosmart)

• Is an off the shelf item, available for all current Turbosmart wastegate sizes: 38mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, and 60mm

Throughout Turbosmart’s research and development process, tuners and racers alike have fallen in love with this new product allowing them the ultimate in data logging and tunability. Many of those who tested the product freely admit they can’t imagine tuning a boosted engine without it.

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Part Numbers: 

TS-0502-3010 WG50/60 sensor cap (blue)
TS-0502-3011 WG50/60 sensor cap (black)
TS-0505-3014 WG38/40/45 sensor cap (blue)
TS-0505-3015 WG38/40/45 sensor cap (black)
TS-0502-2008 Sensor
TS-0502-2009 Sensor plug


    • Hi Larry,

      The sensor will output a variable voltage on a 0-5V range which correlates with the wastegate valve position, if your ECU can accept a sensor input of this type and either log it or vary parameters based on the signal it receives then yes, it will work. I can’t say specifically whether it will work with the Hondata as we have not tested with it, but if you do go ahead we would love to hear your results.