“Madman” Taylor goes turbo


2010 ADRL and TOPMA Champion and the current ET World Record holder at 3.581seconds – Frankie “Madman” Taylor has swapped his supercharger for a pair of turbos in his never-ending quest for speed.

Frankie’s twin-turbo Corvette competes in the ADRL Pro Extreme class. Running 1/8th mile the class has similar rules to Pro Mod but with fewer restrictions on the cars.

When it came to controlling his boost, Frankie turned to Turbosmart USA and they were more than happy to help. A pair of Power-Gate 60s and Race Port BOVs now adorn the already impressive motor while the mighty e-Boost2 controls things from the cabin. We can’t wait to see those records tumble!

Frankie “Madman” Taylor’s Race Schedule:
Mar 30-31 Baytown, Texas
Apr 20-21 Bristol, Tennessee
May 4-5 Mohnton, Pennsylvania
Jun 1-2 Madison, Illinois
Jun 22-23 Petersburg, Virginia
Jul 13-14 Martin, Michigan
Aug 3-4 Concord, North Carolina
Sep 7-8 Millington, Tennessee
Sep 28-29 Norwalk, Ohio
Oct 19-21 Ennis, Texas