Make it two in a row!

It would be Murillo’s twin turbo LX and local racer Jim Monson’s single Turbo Mustang squaring off in the finals. Despite a huge e.t. advantage, Murillo’s team was very careful to get Mike in the groove to ensure the driver’s safety and the win. Monson, to his credit, wasn’t giving up an inch.
At the strip – as expected – it was all Murillo, who carded a 6.82 at 220.52 mph and had about 3 car lengths on Monson. This is the second victory in a row for Murillo who moves to the top of the points standings for the first time in over 5 years. Monson ran a 7.30 at 194.88 mph.
Murillo’s team were #1 qualifier with a 6.81 and reset the mph record to 222.73mph and now also #1 in points and hold National Records on both ends 6.77 ET and 222.73 mph.