Mildura Drag Strip One Step Closer

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A meeting in Mildura between local government, local and national motor sport bodies and stategovernment representatives, has seen the proposed National Level Drag Racing Facility in Swan Hill take a positive step forward.

Swan Hill Rural City Council Mayor Cr Greg Cruickshank said the meeting brought together a number of interested parties, including the Swan Hill Drag Racing Club, Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS), Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA), Swan Hill Rural City Council, Mildura Rural City Council, the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) and Regional Development Victoria (RDV).

“This was an extremely productive and positive meeting,” Cr Cruickshank said.

“Having motor sport representatives at this meeting was also very beneficial as it gave us a strategic direction for the development of the motor sport facilities for both Swan Hill and Mildura.”

Together with Council’s Economic Development Manager Jo-Ann Collyer, the meeting discussed a proposed quarter-mile drag strip in Swan Hill as well as motor sport facilities for cars and superbikes in Mildura.

“Both proposals, besides having motor sport influence, have significant community aspects attached to them, including tourism, business benefits as well as education and training,” Cr Cruickshank said.

“It is exciting to have a regional focus and to recognise the synergies between Swan Hill Rural City Council and Mildura Rural City Council and, as local government bodies, how we can collaborate on these projects.” Cr Cruickshank said the proposal was received enthusiastically by the CEO of CAMS Graham Fountain and ANDRA’s Operations Manager Brenton Myers.

“CAMS and ANDRA were very supportive of the North West Motor Sport Development, particularly the ideal geographical location of the region, filling a gap between Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and the chance to capture an audience from three states,” he said.

“They were also impressed by the regional approach of these motor sports projects and the enthusiasm and work that has already been done at a local level by the Swan Hill Drag Racing Club and Council.”

Council’s Economic Development Manager Jo-Ann Collyer said Mr Fountain provided a national motor sport perspective.

“He has also undertaken to bring this project to the attention of the Federal Government through the Hon Kate Ellis Minister for Sport, and the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government,” Ms Collyer said.

Chair of the Swan Hill Drag Racing Club Alan Ward said the enthusiasm from all sides for the project was pleasing.

“To have a collaborative approach on this project from local government, motor sport bodies and state government representatives is great and we all came away from this meeting feeling very positive,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Swan Hill Rural City Council on this project and hopefully establishing a National level Drag Racing Facility in Swan Hill.”

Swan Hill Rural City Council, together with the Swan Hill Drag Racing Club, will continue to work together withANDRA, CAMS and Mildura Rural City Council to further develop the project and has sought an undertaking from RDV to bring this concept to the attention of the appropriate State Government representatives.