New Release: Internal Wastegate for Subaru WRX STi

Subaru WRX STi Internal Wastegate Actuator (IWG) provides better turbo response and greater sensitivity when managing boost pressures. Designed as a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory part, the Subaru WRX STi IWG is easy to install and requires no special tools or fabrication. It can’t get any easier!

• Silicone diaphragm with Nomex reinforcement to withstand high temperatures.
• High grade, billet aluminum construction.
• Stainless steel rods and connecting clevis for corrosion resistance.
• Locking Collar design cap allows for quick spring changes.
• Ideal for use with any Turbosmart boost controller.

• Subaru WRX STi (2.5L) 2008-current (VF48 turbo), Subaru WRX (2.5L) 2009 – current (VF52 turbo).

For more information go to the Subaru WRX STi IWG Product Page.

5 thoughts on “New Release: Internal Wastegate for Subaru WRX STi

  1. so i was looking at the turbosmart wastefate actuator for my 2012 wrx… it says for better repsone??? by that what do you guys mean fasterspool… or just better control in handlekng??? thanks again

  2. Hi Alonzo,

    We do mean better spool, because it will be harder for the exhaust gas to push the actuator open, and harder for the boost pressure to push it open. Because of this you will have more exhaust gas directed through your turbine rather than out the wastegate which means the turbo will spool faster. You will also be able to hold more boost higher up in the rpm range, because of the same reasons.

  3. Hi there, will this product help with boost creep? Have a bit of work done on my 12 STI and i get boost creep on 4th and 5th gear due to the stock wastegate.

    • Hi,

      With the stiffer spring you will actually see more boost creep, the issue with the stock turbo is that the wastegate port is too small to flow the required amount of gas to keep boost at your target level. With our actuator it will take more boost pressure to open the gate fully, so you will experience boost creep if your target is higher than stock. You will need to port the wastegate to make it bigger to control your boost creep issue. Our IWG will aid response and shorten spool up time though.