New Twin BOV Kit for Nissan R35 GT-R

An ideal bolt-on performance upgrade to any R35 GT-R, the Turbosmart BOV kit combines class-leading performance and reliability with easy installation and setup.

Why upgrade?
The non-adjustable factory bypass valves on the R35 GT-R are designed to release higher-than-factory boost levels. Upgrading to good quality performance BOVs is essential when increasing boost levels. Turbosmart Dual Port BOVs are fully adjustable and are capable of holding and controlling high boost.x

Key Features
• Symmetrical Nissan Dual Ports feature both atmospheric and bypass ports and easily convert to a fully atmo or bypass valves
• Sequential ports provide a quiet operation on mild boost and full performance at full boost
• Simple installation and set up
• Fits neatly in the engine bay

Suits all Nissan R35 GT-Rs.

Included in the kit
• 1 x LHS Nissan Dual Port BOV
• 1 x RHS Nissan Dual Port BOV
• 2 x Blanking Plug
• 2 x Vacuum Hoses
• 2 x Flange Gaskets

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