New Ultra Gate 38

Turbosmart’s brand new Ultra-Gate38 is a 38mm external wastegate for street and racing applications. Designed with minimum size and maximum flow in mind, the new Ultra-Gate38 is smaller and lighter than the previous model and features Turbosmart’s unique locking collar design.

Old height: 112mm, weight: 1075g. New height: 96mm, weight: 811g.

The “old” Ultra-Gate (left) towers over the new, smaller and lighter design (right).

Part Numbers:
BLUE: TS-0501-1101
BLACK: TS-0501-1102

38mm external wastegate for street and racing applications. Features Turbosmart’s unique locking collar design for quicker spring changes and a one piece, stainless steel valve.

Suitable for all turbocharged vehicles with an external wastegate turbo system. Street and racing applications.
Flanges suit 1.50” outside diameter pipe.

Valve seat, gaskets, all the necessary nuts and bolts, vacuum fittings, 2 × 1/16 NPT Blanks, Collar removal tool. Kit Builder Packs available to customer specifications.

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