Nissan Juke fitting guide

Turbosmart’s Kompact Plumb Back is now available for the Nissan Juke.


Installation is quite straight forward. The first thing to do is to unsnap the plastic engine cover and set it to the side. A gentle tug is all that is needed to remove it (no bolts or fasteners holding it down).

article_juke02This exposes the factory plastic diverter valve on the top of the motor:


Using pliers compress and slide back the factory clamps. Next carefully pull the hoses off.


Now, using a 10mm socket with an extension and swivel, remove the two mounting bolts and remove the factory diverter valve.

article_juke05Installation is the opposite of removal. Take your Turbosmart billet bypass valve and install using the supplied gasket.


Total installation time is 15 minutes.


Kompact Plumb Back Nissan Juke. Part Number: TS-0203-1227
For more information go to the Kompact Plumb Back Nissan Juke product page.

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