Norwegian Wood

10403705_10152402034956311_7630829493467198703_nIf you’re anything like us, you’ve heard of Gatebil – the crazy Norwegian festival devoted to all things speed and tyre smoke. And if you’ve heard of Gatebil, you’ve probably seen the bright yellow cars of Team Yellow hanging it all out in one of the many drift competitions that happen at the event.

10172779_750072675024273_4395452051074484714_nWhat you might not know is that Team Yellow are also involved in Time Attack, and are building one of the most awesome Time Attack machines we’ve seen in a while.

1491676_698018490229692_2078053031_nKnowing they’ll need bulk horsepower, the team toyed with the idea of a 2JZ or RB series engine, but wanting to keep the car as light and balanced as possible, opted with the unusual choice of a turbocharged Honda F20C from an S2000.

10152665_750099568354917_7352810318242507020_nThe engine was sent to JUN Auto in Japan for a complete engine with sleeves, piston, rods, the works!

A Garrett GTX3576R turbo hangs of the side, providing that stout base with enough boost to push power out to the team’s goal of at least 700-750hp at the crank.

10346273_773683142663226_7919785680989367014_nKeeping all that boost under control is where Turbosmart steps in. The BRZ will be running a pair of Comp-Gate40 Wastegates, an e-Boost2 Boost Controller, an FPR-1200 Fuel Pressure Regulator, and a Race Port blow off valve attached to that gorgeous Hayward Performance Individual Throttle Body intake.

10350633_760893373942203_5708252163925904521_nNotorious wing man, Andrew Brilliant of AMB Aero  has been employed to design the aero package for Project BRZ.

10259961_750099468354927_5287860457910745748_nAndrew is well known in Time Attack circles, not only for his own record breaking Turbosmart-equipped Mitsubishi Eclipse, but also for his involvement in many other projects, including aero package for 2012 World Time Attack Challenge winner NEMO. He’s been know to bandy around such phrases as, “More downforce and less drag than an F1 car”, so you’d better believe this BRZ is going to stick to Rudskogen Motorsenter like glue.

1926708_750099481688259_864224605269438135_nSo, if you’re anything like us. You’ll understand why we’re so excited to be a part of this project, and why we can’t wait to see it hit the track!

Keep up to date with the build at the Project BRZ facebook page, and don’t forget to tell us what you think of the car in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Andreas Xro Johannesson