Project: Circuit Racer

Our project car gets thrashed at the track and comes back for some more engine work and chassis upgrades to make it competitive. The rush is on to get the car ready for the 2010 World Time Attack Challenge where it will compete in the Open Class.

Last week was the car’s first “proper” race outing at the Clipsal 500 Rally Adelaide, where it came first in its class against some very competitive machinery!

Project Racer – The story so far:

Bridge Ported and doweled 13B Turbo
Garrett T04Z turbocharger
Turbosmart Pro-Gate50 external wastegate
Davies Craig EWP115 electric water pump.
PAC Racing Aluminium radiator, oil cooler and intercooler
Walbro fuel pump, Turbosmart FPR1200 fuel pressure regulator
Turbosmart silicone hoses and constant tension clamps
Turbosmart e-Boost2 electronic boost controller
Turbosmart Race Port BOV
Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 ECU, Haltech IQ3 dash

Body Work:
Resprayed in white
Stripped interior
Roll cage
High Octane Racing Sparco EVO Fixed bucket seats
Sparco 5 point racing harnesses and steering wheel

Custom Bilstein coilovers,
Whiteline front and rear anti-roll bars,
Mazdatrix rear steering eliminator,
Custom front and rear strut braces,
Urethane bushings in all suspension components,
Heavy duty engine mounts

Brakes and drive line:
Racer Industries Project Mu front and rear 6 piston callipers, rotors and brake pads
Motorsport Connections brake lines,
Hydraulic handbrake, Brake bias adjuster,
Cusco 1.5 way RS Differential,
Heavy duty clutch

Wheels and Tires:
Advan RS 18” Wheels with Advan A050 Semi slick tyres.

Stage 1:
Concept. The idea behind this project was to create an inexpensive yet competitive track car on which we could test our products within enduro/circuit racing environment.
The car we’ve chosen was a 1988 Mazda RX-7 series 4 with a 13B turbo motor.

Why a rotary, we hear you ask. Well, there are several reasons for it, the most important one being that rotary engines are far more demanding on the parts than their piston equivalents. Operating at higher temperatures and revving up to the ga-ga land, the rotaries are ideal at punishing performance parts and will quickly sort out those with inadequate engineering or manufacturing.

Stage 2:
Gutted and caged. A sorry sight indeed. The car has been stripped and sent to have a roll cage installed, while back at the PAC Performance, a new 13B turbo is being put together for the project.

Stage 3:
Paint my wagon. There’s nothing sadder-looking than an unpainted, gutted project car, so contrary to the usual workflow guidelines we went out and got our Mazda painted “respectable” white.

Stage 4:
Bits and Pieces. Ah the joy of all those little shiny things that turn a car into a race car. Brand new Advan wheel (one of the first in the country we believe), shod with Yokohama rubber, and behind them some serious stopping power courtesy of Project Mu. Inside, a Sparco steering wheel and handbrake lever raplaced the factory items.

Stage 5:
Show and Tell. While not exactly completed, the Mazda, adorned with sponsor stickers and graphics made a cameo appearance at Superlap, attracting plenty of attention. Next: suspension, engine and interior.