Reliable Under Pressure: Turbosmart’s fuel pressure regulator range

We all know how important it is for modified and tuned vehicles to get the correct fuelling. While fuel pumps and injectors are often right at the front of mind when looking for more power, the fuel pressure regulator plays a vital role in the fuel system. The fuel pressure regulator is tasked with ensuring the injectors receive a steady flow of the correct fuel pressure, which insures they can maintain the ideal spray pattern under all conditions.

A high performance aftermarket fuel pressure regulator is an essential addition to any modified fuel system. Using the OEM fuel pressure regulator with upgraded fuel pumps and injectors leads to unstable fuel pressure. As the ECU expects fuel pressure to be steady and constant, this becomes a serious problem when tuning.

Turbosmart’s range of Fuel Pressure Regulators have been designed with the mantra of Flow, Response and Control in mind. Developed, manufactured and hand assembled in Australia with the highest level of precision, Turbosmart’s Fuel Pressure Regulators are a no-compromise solution using the highest quality materials and stringent individual quality testing. The result is the most dependable fuel pressure regulator on the market.

Independent testing by Adaptronic in Australia highlighted the superior performance of the Turbosmart FPR2000 against other brands, concluding that “…the Turbosmart FPR2000 is approximately twice as good as the next contender, and four times as good as the factory regulator.”

Engineered to deliver a 1:1 rising ratio between fuel pressure and manifold pressure, a Turbosmart FPR gives you confidence that the injectors are receiving stable fuel delivery under all conditions, from idle to full throttle.

The Turbosmart FPR range is divided into four variants. The entry-level FPR800 is ideal for fuel systems rated at up to 800hp, and all pump fuels including E85. The FPR1200, FPR2000 and FPR3000 are designed to suit fuel systems rated at 1200, 2000 and 3000hp respectively, and are compatible with pump fuels, E85, and all race fuels.

The superior performance of Turbosmart’s FPR range hasn’t gone unnoticed, as other manufacturers have recently attempted to replicate the design of the Turbosmart unit. However, Turbosmart’s investment in development and ongoing commitment to the ultimate in quality and performance means Turbosmart’s FPR range is still the best on the market.