RIPS 2nd fastest in the World!

Robbie Ward’s crazy RB-powered rail sets another PB and gets one step closer to the World Record.

Race report by Robbie Ward.

What a weekend we’ve just had at Import Allstars. The track was “reasonable” and we started off gently, 7.91, our first 7 in the FED.

During the day I got a little braver although the car was still all over the place, we ran 7.88, 7.81, 7.64 and 7.56, to say we are all over the moon would be an understatement especially as I had to bail early on the 7.56 due to heading for the wall, the mph was low at just 169 (would have expected 180+ on a 7.5) so things are looking very good indeed.

The transmission behaved itself and it “seems” to be okay now, a few more runs will confirm for sure.

We actually managed to beat the Heat Treatments R32 GT-R’s best ever time and although we obviously can’t compare the two cars, it does make us the 2nd quickest RB-powered car in the world!

As far as I know, the only RB-powered faster than us is a superl light tube car in which HKS Japan ran a 7.1 a few years back.

I’m still on the old tyres and the track definitely didn’t feel as good as during last weekend’s comp meeting but we are learning quite quickly and we are more than happy to have a 7.5 in the bag with just 10 or so runs under our belts.

Big thanks to all my sponsors and supporters, without you all it wouldn’t be possible.