RIPS dragster’s first outing

Rotorua Import Pro Shop’s brand new dragster was out testing before the NZ Nationals.

“All went very well indeed, I was only allowed to launch softly and run low power till 1/2 track then I had to coast, it suited me because it was the first time I have ever driven a race car like this and it was nowhere near as easy as the 240z!”

“We were put in DD/Dragster competition class where the Meremere track record is 9.2 and the NZ record is 9.02. On my very first run, after quite a bit of slipping I ran a 8.87 @ 138 mph pass. To say we were over the moon with that result would be an understatement!”

“We are going to Meremere again this weekend for another test and tune, then the following weekend is the big one, the NZ Nationals where I’ll be racing the big boys!”