Sangha Racing back for 2010

One of the most recognisable Canadian drag racers – Dal Sangha is looking forward to competing in the 2010 season with a brand new twin-turbo Mustang. Dal has been on a quest to get back into competitive racing following his horrific crash in 2008 ( Now with a new car, new attitude and a renewed hunger for winning, Dal is looking forward to the 2010 season.

“The 2010 season looks very promising, we have a bigger motor and all new ballbearing turbochargers fromALAMO Turbochargers. High Performance Engines has screwed together an even bigger SBF Turbo Monster, which now displaces a cylinder popping 449“s. The new Race Port 50mm Blow-off valves, coupled with the new lightweight and smaller but very large valved 60mm Turbosmart wastegates should tame even this new monster.

The new car is being built around a New Carbon Fiber 2009 Mustang body from Hairy Glass. All fabrication including the new chassis build is being handled at Diversified Metal Works in Surrey, British Columbia. The new car will be longer, (112” wheel base) and lighter than the last car, allowing us to compete at minimum weights, (2450lbs).

We have also acquired larger fuel injectors and fuel pump to feed the 2500+hp hungry beast. The new Turbosmart FPR-3000 fuel pressure regulators will help control the fuel delivery demands that the new alcohol beast requires.
The engine will also have the latest and greatest updates available form Bigstuff3 to handle all of the electronic engine management requirements.

Sangha racing is looking to come out swinging for the 2010 race season with not only a new car but with even more power and better power management, thanks to Turbosmart and all of Sangha Racings supporters. We are looking for performances in the low 6 second zone @ over 230mph. “

Sangha Racing’s new 2009 Mustang will compete in the CPSA PSCA and SCSN and do battle against some of the quickest and baddest Pro-street car on the west coast, from Vancouver, BC all the way to Las Vegas, NV.

Turbosmart is a proud sponsor of “Sangha racing“”