Setting the Dual Port flange

The Turbosmart Mazda/Subaru Dual Port fits a range of vehicles; Mazda MPS 3, 6, CX7, Subaru WRX MY08 onwards, Liberty GT’03 – current.

The Dual Port owes this versatility to its unique flange design. The aforementioned flange can be rotated to suit different vehicles. There are 2 setting notches; setting notch 1 for the Mazda MPS range and setting notch 2 for the Subaru MY08 WRX/Liberty GT.

The Mazda/Subaru Dual Port comes preset to setting notch 1. The flange can be rotated by loosening the securing screws at the bottom with a 3mm Allen key. Do not remove the screws, only loosen them. Rotate the flange until it lines up with the desired indicator groove. Re-tighten the screws. Easy!

Before and After. The Dual Port fits nicely within the confines of the engine bay and looks the part with its black cap.

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