Standard BPV vs Dual Port

Standard BOV VS 38mm Dual Port on our R&D EVO 8

The following charts show a log graph from our R&D Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 GSR during a practice day at a race track. It compares the boost curve of the engine and the turbo speed with the standard bypass valve to the boost curve of the engine and the turbo speed with an EVO Dual Port. There are performance gains in using the Turbosmart Dual Port even on a standard vehicle. There are performance gains even on a standard vehicle. There were no other modifications done to the vehicle during the comparison.


As shown on the above graph, boost ramp up is slightly higher with higher boost levels achieved at lowerRPM. The gradient of the curve is more aggressive, giving better response from the engine and reduced turbo lag.


The turbo speed graph shows a reduction in deceleration of the turbocharger during throttle closing which allows for faster acceleration of the turbocharger when the throttle is re-opened. These performance gains aid in reducing lag and increasing response from the engine.

These performance gains are due to both the valve being able to flow more air, reducing back pressure acting on the turbo and the piston being closed earlier and quicker compared to the standard valve, reducing the amount of time required to pressurise the intercooler and piping.


Turbosmart Dual Port is available in a Universal Fit and Model-Specific options to suit Subaru WRX, STi, Forester, Liberty/Legacy, Mazdaspeed/MPS 3, 6, CX-7, Nissan Skyline GTR and Mitsubishi Lancer EVO and Colt Ralliart. For a full range of applications click here