Street Outlaws’ Dominator joins Team Turbosmart

Joe Woods, known as Dominator, showed off his newly made over 1967 Dodge Dart to the world at Thundar Valley Raceway Park earlier in the month, and with it revealed a big secret – he’s gone twin turbo, and joined Team Turbosmart! Dominator’s old nitrous powered Hemi setup was ditched in favour for a 632ci (10.4-liter) Big Block Chev built by Troy Scott Race Engines, running two massive 88mm turbochargers – with the full suite of Turbosmart wastegates blow-off valves.

While some have called sacrilege at a Mopar car being powered by a GM engine, Woods plans on going back to a Chrysler Hemi when funds allow. But for now, the built BBC will allow him to have a serious chance at grabbing the top spot of Street Outlaws.

Dominator’s new build retains true streetability at a time when many of the Street Outlaws competitors have been criticized for becoming too close to purpose built drag cars that would suck to drive on the street. That’s why the Dart is set up to run on pump fuel for street driving, and alcohol for race nights.

The ultimate goal? Taking on Drag Week later in the year. It’s a perfect setup for just that.

Check out the video below to see more.

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