Team Stinga Walks on Water


We’re not all about spinning wheels burning rubber here at Turbosmart, we’re into any type of motorsport, including watersports, and one area we’ve been very successful in recently is the world of waterski racing – A sport in which not one, but two, brave skiers are dragged behind a speedboat at phenomenal speeds.

Team Stinga Racing, comprising Greg Houston (Driver/Owner), Kevin Boylan (Observer), Ben Hackett and Jack Houston (Skiers) is one of the most successful waterski racing teams in the world, and you guessed it, they run Turbosmart parts.1970600_631951240192914_215916133_n

Their most recent success was at the Robinvale Euston 80, a gruelling 80km race on the mighty Murray River in central Victoria.

robinvale 2014 5

Despite being pipped at the post in the Saturday qualifying by a few hundredths of a second, a margin almost unheard of in this sport, the team came out for the main race on the Sunday and stepped up to the challenge. Taking out 1st place in Unlimited class, and also breaking the Unlimited race record.

robinvale 2014 3

This means Team Stinga Racing now hold every Unlimited classic record in Australia – the Hawkesbury 120, Grafton Bridge 2 Bridge, Sydney Bridge 2 Bridge, Southern 80, Robinvale Euston 80 and the Mildura 100!

robinvale 2014 1

As sponsors of the team, Turbosmart couldn’t be more proud of Team Stinga Racing and their two young skiers – Jack and Ben are just  20 and 21 years old respectively,       and have surpassed just about all who came before them in the Unlimited class, whilst seriously laying down the challenge to those who will follow.

robinvale 2014 4

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