Team Turbosmart and the Snowy Mountain 1000 – Chris’ Triton

Chris’ Triton at the Snowy Mountains 1000 – 5th September 2013

The Performance Parts.

With the date of the Snowy Mountains 1000 looming, the Team Turbosmart crew decided it was high time we give Chris’ unconventional runway race-car a bit more punch.

Chris' Triton - Heading to the Snowy Mountains 1000

The recipe for our punch couldn’t be simpler: 1 x Turbosmart IGW75, and 1 x Turbosmart e-Boost 2. That’s all!

As we mentioned in the last post, Chris had already tuned his turbo-diesel Triton on a dyno, and in order to get to his preferred boost level with the stock actuator he had installed a bleed valve, or manual boost controller in the engine bay, which required a spaghetti of vacuum lines to make work. And, because diesels are heavy breathing motors this meant along with bleeding off boost, the MBC constantly sprayed oil all over the engine bay.

Because we don’t make a bolt-on IWG75 for a Triton, we had to use a universal unit, and fabricate the necessary bracketry and actuating rod.


Instead of relying on our engineers and machinists to do the job, we made the desk jockeys in our sales department do it.


Just to show that you don’t need to be a mechanical genius to get this stuff done!


Changing to the Turbosmart IWG actuator meant Chris could do away with much of the extra vacuum line, which combined with the ability to control boost without spraying oil everywhere, means a much cleaner engine bay. As an added bonus, the IWG actuator is a set and forget unit. There is no need to make adjustments to achieve boost.


The best feature of this upgrade, however, is the “seat of the pants” feeling when behind wheel. The Turbosmart actuator brings boost on earlier than the stock actuator, and where the stock actuator drops boost off later in the rev range, the Turbosmart unit holds it steady for longer. This means substantial gains in midrange power and torque making the truck a lot more enjoyable to drive, particularly on long, straight bits of road, such as an airport runway.


Stay tuned for next time, when we’ll install the e-Boost 2!

Chris’ Triton at the Snowy Mountains 1000 – 19th July 2013

The Vehicle.

When the crew here at Turbosmart were invited to enter the second annual running of the Snowy Mountains 1000, Australia’s première runway event, we naturally jumped at the chance!

However, we were then immediately faced with a problem: “Which cars should we take?” Naturally all of us here at Turbosmart are passionate about motorsports, and we love our cars – just like you! We also want to be involved in new, innovative, things – like the emerging performance turbo-diesel scene in Australia.

That’s why Chris, our Export Sales Manager, is entering his daily driver – a turbo-diesel Mitsubishi Triton. Yes, you read that correctly! He’s going to attempt a 1000m sprint, in a 4×4 Turbo-diesel truck – One of only a few turbo-diesel vehicles to enter.

Chris’ MY09 3.2 DiD Triton isn’t exactly stock, however. He’s mildly modified it with a 3″ Custom Dump Pipe, High Flow Cat into 2.5″ Mandrel Bent Cat Back Exhaust, Oversize Front Mount Intercooler, an EcuTek – Custom ECU (Remap of factory computer) and a tune on the dyno.

What do you think? Can Chris be the fastest turbo-diesel in Australia?

Over the next few months we’re going to be adding a heap of Turbosmart bits and doing some more performance mods to Chris’ Triton, so follow along here to find out!

Chris' Triton - Heading to the Snowy Mountains 1000

7 thoughts on “Team Turbosmart and the Snowy Mountain 1000 – Chris’ Triton

  1. Hi Gents, I have a 08 ML Triton and want it to go better as it is starting to play up. The old girl has started to surge at about 2250 to 2500 and is a real pain at 105 kph constantly surging, I have always serviced the car every 5000km oil 10000km all filters i now have 150000km. I have blanked of the EGR this did improve things, but have been wanting to do the upgrades you guys have done but, not until i sort out this surging problem.

    I live just north of Brisbane and would love some help in fixing and boosting performance.

    • Hi Tim,

      That surge can be a number of things but happy to help guide you if I can – feel free to send me an email ( and I’ll try and get you heading in the right direction!

  2. What options for turbo upgrades for my ML 3.2L 09 triton do I have? anyway to push more power out of the factory turbo, like upgrading internals or increasing boost. Still would like the car to be reliable, so wondering what, if any options do I have?

  3. Chris love simple mods that work I have a 08 ml 2.5 turbo the de tuned low torque 316 nm motor I want to put one of your iwg75 jiggers on it can u give me the correct spring pressure ie 10 14 etc what is best for my model number looking forward to some much needed boost mate I reckon you would sell a boat load if it was a simple bolt on

    • Hi Robert,

      We have not tried fitting an IWG actuator to the 2.5L, so you would need to do trial and error testing to determine the best spring pressure for your set-up. It will all depend on what other mods you have, and whether you are getting the car tuned or not as well as how much boost you want to run.

  4. Hi Tim, I have a ML Triton manual and am looking to fit a IWG 75 Actuator but would like to know which one to buy in regards to psi.

    Kind Regards,