Team Turbosmart Spotlight – Steve Morris Engines


One of the best parts of our job is that we get to work with some of the smartest and most talented people in the world. Without a doubt one of those people is Steve Morris who lends not only his name, but his brilliance, to Steve Morris Engines.

Steve Morris Engines joined Team Turbosmart just over a year ago, and since then have been pushing the limits of our products further than just about anybody on the planet. How far? Well, Steve recently told us the company is in the process of adding a second dyno cell with the goal of testing engines at the 4,000 horsepower level. FOUR THOUSAND HORSE POWER! That means the most insane racing engines built anywhere in the world run Turbosmart gear.

dynocell“After breaking more parts than you can imagine (2,000 to 3,000 HP engines will do that to you) I have saved up a lot of extra parts and decided that this would be the year to do it. I have totally redesigned my old dyno cart and stands to match the new dyno cart and stands,” said Steve.

“The new second dyno room is going to be even better. My general motto in life is ‘make it better!’ This dyno is going to get my first all-billet absorber with my custom made shaft and flange. We’re very excited about this! I also have some new top secret testing going on in this dyno cell, so a lot more development will be going on here since we won’t have to take engines off and on all the time.”

Steve Morris Engines has built the power units for some of the world’s most famous cars. In fact, two of the major players looking to duke it out for the title of “World’s Fastest Street Car” are using Steve Morris parts.

The first is Tom Bailey’s new Sick Seconds 2.0 Camaro, which featured on our stand at last year’s PRI. Check out that Steve Morris billet head next to the cute “little” one Ford makes, crazy!

The second is Andy Frost’s Turbosmart-sponsored Red Victor.

Steve Morris Engines custom CNC work for customers all over the world. Here is some of their stuff going to Red Victor. Steve reckons he sometimes looks at their work and says to himself “Dang, that’s awesome!” We agree!

In addition to the customer cars and new cell under construction, Steve has been working on his daily driver, a cool 1200HP Trailblazer SS that’s received plenty of Turbosmart gear. We love the sneaky ‘gate placement!

With so many cool things always happening at Steve Morris Engines, it is definitely worth your while to head on over to their Facebook page and give it a like. You won’t be sorry you did!