Team Turbosmart’s Bailey Racing wins Drag Week 2015

Team Turbosmart’s Tom Bailey has been crowned the official winner of Drag Week 2015, winning the Unlimited class and taking home the title of America’s fastest street car. For the uninitiated, Drag Week is a grueling yet awesome five-day-long adventure made up of daily drag races, interspersed by several-hundred-mile roadtrips between each venue. And these racers are no trailer queens – the cars must make the trip themselves, carrying their supplies (usually in a trailer) as well.

Bailey’s 1969 Camaro drag car, powered by Steve Morris Engines, had a relatively trouble-free run throughout the stressful week of racing and road-tripping, while still managing to set blisteringly quick six-second times each day.

The secret behind the success of Bailey’s Camaro lies in that phenomenal engine. We reported on it a while ago, when it was still in its testing phase. Even then it was pumping out over 3600hp. The one thing that stood out to us about this engine was its Jekyll and Hyde personality – it had to run just as well cruising on ordinary pump fuel, as it did blasting up the quarter mile on race methanol. In other words, it was built from the ground up to be the perfect Drag Week competitor.

However, Bailey wasn’t the only Team Turbosmart competitor, and nor was he the only one who had a stellar week.

Cal Hayward’s pink Fox Body Mustang certainly turned heads, and not just for its unique paint job. Hayward won his class, Super Street Small Block Power Adder, thanks to consistently quick 7.5 and 7.6 second runs all week. Hayward’s 7.6148-second average for the week was not only faster than the Big Blocks, but it was the fourth fastest overall, putting him within a stone’s throw of an outright podium finish. Hayward also smashed a few Drag Week records in the process. The Mustang was the fastest car running on radials, the fastest on stock suspension, and possibly the fastest Ford ever to compete in Drag Week.

Frank Saponaro’s 1969 Chevy Nova wagon was one awesome grocery-getter. And with a second place finish in the Super Street Big Block Power Adder class, it’s a very fast wagon indeed. Saponaro managed an average time of 7.9016 across the five races of the week. Frank’s Nova was also the fastest car without wheelie bars, making for some of the coolest launches of the week.

Glenn Hunter was another Team Turbosmart member who had a cracking start, and by day four was leading the Pro Street Power Adder class with his 1956 Chevy Bel Air. Unfortunately, bad luck on the last day put him out of the running.

It’s definitely not an easy task creating and driving a drag strip monster that is also capable of a 1000-mile roadtrip. It’s simply phenomenal that these cars can set such amazing times on the strip for five days in a row, in between hundreds of miles of street driving. It really is a testament to the skills, perseverance and endurance of the teams, the drivers, the mechanics and the engineers behind these vehicles. That’s why Drag Week is always a favorite on our motorsports calendar.

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