Team Turbosmart’s Fletcher Cox smashes stock suspension record!

NFL fans might already know the name Fletcher Cox. He’s the Defensive Tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, but what many might not know is that the football pitch isn’t the only place Cox likes to let out his competitive side.

Cox is a hardcore drag racing fanatic and a gearhead through and through, finding his passion in his childhood days spent with his brother watching the cars at drag strips in Mississippi.

Last year, Cox made a splash in the drag radial scene with a 1969 Camaro sporting a nitrous-powered big block. Late last year, he picked up a twin turbocharged Fox Body Mustang that had already been introduced to the three second eighth mile club by its previous owner.

That Mustang is powered by a billet 481x Proline motor with two 102mm turbos, with boost controlled by a pair of Turbosmart wastegates and a Race Port blow-off valve. With this setup, Cox’s Mustang has become the fastest stock suspension car in the world, reaching an unbelievable 212mph in the eighth mile!

1320video have made this cool clip of the car – and Cox makes a cameo appearance himself!