Team Turbosmart’s Ryan Tuerck takes Formula Drift championship lead

Turbosmart-sponsored drifter Ryan Tuerck has taken first place in the Formula Drift championship, sitting on a single point lead over current runner up, Aurimas ‘Odi’ Bakchis.

Tuerck has been a consistently impressive performer throughout the series so far, with his podium finish at the Wall Stadium Speedway in New Jersey, pushing him into the championship lead.

It wasn’t a smooth run for Tuerck in the fourth round of Formula Drift. In his first battle, Tuerck’s FR-S suffered a hit to the front quarter, dealt by Brandon Wicknick’s S13. After rushing to repair the damage, Tuerck battled Turbosmart teammate Daigo Saito. Both put on a near-perfect display despite the rain soaked track, forcing the judges to call a rematch. During the rematch, Tuerck was struck again by his competitor, with judges determining that Daigo was at fault for the contact, and awarded Tuerck the win.

Next up, Tuerck faced Ken Gushi and put on one of the greatest shows of round four, jostling with Gushi to take out a close win.

Now into the final four, Tuerck faced off with Irish drifter Dean Kearney, and came out with his first loss in this round, spinning out under Kearney’s unrelenting pressure. Tuerck’s driving for the round was done, but he could still make it to the podium due to his strong qualifying result – but only if Kearney was toppled by Aasbo in their final four battle.

Luckily for Tuerck, Aasbo managed to outshine Kearney in the final battle, giving Tuerck a place on the podium.

The Turbosmart-equipped Scion FR-S has been an able companion to Tuerck’s shenanigans, helping him to the top of the leaderboard. Powered by a stroked 2JZ, the Scion makes around 850 horsepower, allowing him to pull off the kind of slides that get you to the top of the leaderboard.

With such a narrow lead, Tuerck can’t celebrate too early. He still has to contend three more rounds, and hold off some very strong opposition. Nevertheless, we’re sure Tuerck has some more tricks up his sleeve, and we’re sure the trusty Turbosmart-equipped Scion has what it takes to keep him in the lead through to the end.