The Amazing Transforming BOV: Turbosmart’s Type 5 Dual Port

Roll up, roll up! Turbosmart presents the shapeshifting blow-off valve! Does it vent to atmosphere, or does it plumb back into the car’s intake? Is it loud, or is it stealthily quiet? Well, it can be all of those things, because it’s our Type 5 Dual Port. It’s our most versatile BOV, ever.

The Type 5’s modular design means that changing the valve’s function is as easy as unscrewing the existing attachment, and screwing a new one in. And it can all be done by hand!

Say you have a Type 5 Dual Port, which splits the valve’s operation 50-50 between recirculation and vent-to-atmosphere.

If you decide you’d rather have more of that attention-grabbing noise, you can simply unscrew the plumb back fitting…

…and replace it with one of our port blanking plugs…

…and now you have a Supersonic! And if that’s still too subtle, you can fit the spare trumpet in place of the blanking plate, to make a Megasonic.

Going in the completely opposite direction, the Megasonic can be returned to its sensible, quiet brother, the plumb back, by removing both trumpets…

…and fitting a blanking plug and a plumb back fitting.

From turning heads to flying under the radar, in a matter of moments. Not only are the venting ports interchangeable; so too are the base fittings. Below are just some of our range of adapter kits for the Type 5 BOV.

Simply undo the quick change V-band clamp with the supplied Allen key and swap the universal base for another depending on your application, such as one of our bolt-on Mazda/Subaru flange kits.

Undo the four Allen bolts on the base of the flange, remove the locking inserts, place the BOV in the flange and reinstall the inserts, and bolt it all together, matching up the locating dots on the underside of the flange and BOV. Now it’s ready to fit to your Mazda or Subaru.

Our range also includes a MY99 Subaru adapter kit, for 1999-2000 Impreza WRX and STi, and 1998-2000 Forester GT. The adapter pipe clamps to the BOV with the supplied V-band. It couldn’t be simpler!

Or, for the full custom treatment, a profiled weld-on fitting designed to fit snugly over the curve of intercooler piping – still allowing the BOV to be removed and installed via quick-change V-band.

It’s easier than flat pack furniture! In fact, it’s almost magic… Check it out in video form here.

Why should I have a performance blow-off valve?
The non-adjustable factory bypass valves on most turbo cars are designed to leak at higher-than-factory boost levels. Upgrading to a good quality performance BOV is essential when increasing boost levels. Turbosmart’s Dual Port BOV is fully adjustable and is capable of holding and controlling high boost. The Dual Port will also reduce turbo spool-up between gears for even greater performance from your turbocharged vehicle.

• Features both atmospheric and bypass ports and easily convert to a fully atmospheric or a fully recirculating valve
• Sequential ports in dual port configuration provide quiet operation on mild boost and full performance at full boost
• Simple installation and set up
• Available in blue or black
• Quick-release V-Band clamp

Suits medium sized turbocharger systems on 4 to 6 cylinder engines developing 200 to 600 HP.

Bolt-On Dual Ports
Apart from the universal fit model, Turbosmart also offers the Dual Port in a number of model-specific, bolt-on versions to suit Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi and Mazda.

See the model specific range here.

What’s in the box
• 1 x Dual Port BOV
• 1 x Blanking Plug
• 1 x Extra Trumpet
• 1 x V-band clamp
• 38mm aluminium weld-on inlet adapter

Part Numbers and pricing:
TS-0205-1061 – BOV 5 Dual Port Blue 32mm outlet | For pricing and more info – click here.

TS-0205-1062 – BOV 5 Dual Port Black 32mm outlet | For pricing and more info – click here.

TS-0205-1071 – BOV 5 Dual Port Blue 38mm outlet | For pricing and more info – click here.

TS-0205-1072 – BOV 5 Dual Port Black 38mm outlet | For pricing and more info – click here.

TS-0205-2055 – Mazda/Subaru Adapter Flange Kit | For pricing and more info – click here.

TS-0205-2051 – Subaru MY99 Adapter Kit | For pricing and more info – click here.

TS-0205-2003 – 38mm Stainless Steel Profiled Adapter | For pricing and more info – click here.

TS-0205-3103 – Port Blanking Plug | For pricing and more info – click here.

TS-0205-3104 – Replacement trumpet 60mm | For pricing and more info – click here.

TS-0205-3105 – Replacement trumpet 50mm | For pricing and more info – click here.