The Ultimate Blow-Off Valve: Turbosmart reveals drag racing focused Power Port BOV

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When you’re working with some of the world’s most powerful turbocharged drag racing engines, not just any blow-off valve is going to do the job. These two-thousand-plus horsepower machines need a blow-off valve with enough breathing space to move huge volumes of air, to avoid damage caused by immense charge pipe pressures. It is common for drag racers to use a cold-side wastegate to assist with spooling the turbo before launch. For 2017, Turbosmart will introduce a product that will do both the job of a blow-off valve and a cold-side wastegate, making it the ultimate accessory for ultra-high-power turbocharged drag racing purposes.

The Power Port is Turbosmart’s largest and highest flowing blow-off valve ever, resetting the flow benchmark set by our popular and highly regarded Race Port BOV. The Power Port’s massive 2.5in inlet, unprecedented valve lift, supersized ports and carefully designed CFD flow-paths mean it has more than enough breathing room for even the most powerful turbocharged drag racing engines, preventing damaging compressor surge and throttle plate damage at the end of the quarter mile, even at the most extreme boost levels.

And it’s functionality does not stop there. Its cutting edge dual-chamber design means it can be held open with the use of a solenoid to aid turbo response and control during staging to give the best possible launch.

Following the trend set by Turbosmart’s award-winning wastegate and Race Port Blow-Off Valve sensor caps, the Power Port is also available with a sensor cap, which can be used to log valve position. This is ideal for custom tuning applications, replacing guesswork with reliable data.

The Power Port is designed to be as light as possible, to keep vehicle weight down. Precision machined out of billet aluminum at Turbosmart’s factory in Sydney, Australia, the Power Port has the strength to cope with the most powerful turbocharged vehicles out there.

TS-0207-1001 BOV Power Port – Blue
TS-0207-1002 BOV Power Port – Black
TS-0207-1101 BOV Power Port with Sensor Cap- Blue
TS-0207-1102 BOV Power Port with Sensor Cap- Black

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