Turbosmart BOV Solution for Turbo Diesel applications

Diesel BOV Controller Kit

The BOV controller is an electronic device which controls the pressure signal to the BOV. It works by detecting a negative voltage change in throttle position. It then energises a solenoid to vent all of the air out of the BOV cap, causing a pressure differential between the piston of the BOV and the cap which will vent pressure from the intake system.

Large diesel engines with larger turbochargers can experience compressor surge when coming off the throttle. The deceleration of the engine can be a restriction on the outlet of the turbocharger causing compressor surge. This can be disastrous on a turbo system which is producing high amounts of boost. The BOV controller can vent this build up of pressure, protecting the turbocharger. This can reduce the amount of rebuilds on your turbocharger as well as improve acceleration between gears.


Ideal for diesel engines and petrol engines.

Sensitivity: How sensitive the controller is to negative changes in throttle movement.
Duration: How long the solenoid stays open to bleed out the air from the BOV (i.e how long the BOV is open for) The solenoid will reactivate when the BOV controller reads
positive throttle movement to close the BOV and pressurize the intake system.
Enable: Keeps the solenoid energized. This can be used as a boost limiting function as the BOV will bleed air out lowering the boost levels entering the engine.
Disable: Disables the BOV controller and returns the intake system to its factory setting.

BOV Controller
Specific Race Port BOV
Wiring loom
Solenoid and bracket
Reinforced pressure tubing
Hose clamps and mounting hardware

Part Numbers
BOV Controller Kit with a Blue Race Port: TS-0304-1001
BOV Controller Kit with a Black Race Port: TS-0304-1002

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57 thoughts on “Turbosmart BOV Solution for Turbo Diesel applications

  1. Will this unit or do you have a unit that works on a 2010 Mitsubishi triton 2.5 turbo diesel , if yes part No please , cheers cade

  2. will this product work with my 2009 holden colorado 3.0l turbo diesel ? and if so is it difficult to install?

    regards austin

  3. Hey guys, just wondering if this would work on a 2006 3 litre nissan navara d22 turbo diesel and would an average mechanic know how to install it?

  4. Hi. Will this work on a 3lt zd30 engine nissan navara? I have an aftermarket garrett gt2052v journal bearing vnt turbo

    • Hi Brook,

      You might run into issues with the VNT turbo system if you install a BOV, they can be very sensitive to changes. The BOV will work with our controller, but whether it will work with your engine management/ECU system is another story. Sorry for the vague reply but we haven’t had too much experience with Variable Geometry Turbo’s yet as it is still a relatively new market (not new technology but is only now being widely adopted).

  5. Hey guys, will this kit 100% fit on a 2005 3.0 Sr hilux kun16r 1kd? Cheers

  6. Hi Levi,

    As mentioned above you might run into issues with the VNT turbo system. We have not done testing to confirm they will work with this style of boost control, however I can say that it will wire in fine and will work as a BOV (I just have no idea how boost control or the ECU will react to the valve venting the air).

  7. Wondering about a set up like this for an older diesel I have a gq patrol 4.2 litre.

    • Hi Joel,

      This kit can be fitted to anything with a throttle position sensor. So assuming your Patrol has one of these, yes it will work. I know a lot of older diesel engines didn’t use them though, but you can retrofit one.

    • Hi Jez,

      We’ve put them on our BT-50’s here and have found that they work very well, I would recommend going with the controller on its own and using one of the Kompact series or a Vee Port Pro though.

    • Hi,

      If the car doesn’t use a VNT turbo, and has a Throttle Position Sensor, then there should be no issues fitting this kit. You will be best off buying the controller on its own and getting a BOV that’s a bit smaller than the Raceport that is offered as a complete kit (you will barely hear the Raceport because it’s so big). One of the 25mm Kompact Dual Port BOV’s or the Vee Port Pro will be the way to go (bear in mind you will also need a softer spring for the valve to work on the diesel engine).

  8. Hi, I have a 2005 Kia Pregio Van with a 2.7ltr diesel with a aftermarket garret 2 turbo kit installed, it’s oil cooled and has no inter cooler . Will this bov kit fit my van as I do a lot of klms and am worried about wear and tear on my turbo.
    Cheers Chris

    • Hi Chris,

      As mentioned above this kit is universal and relies on your car having a throttle position sensor (TPS) to activate the BOV. You would probably be better off using the controller on its own and a smaller BOV like the Type 5 or Vee Port Pro, as the Race Port will be a bit too big for your application. You will be able to use this kit on your van, but just be aware that it’s not going to be a direct bolt on and some fabrication will need to be done.

      • Thank guys,
        Along with the controller, will I need the solenoid and with the smaller bov which will give me some bov sound and what price would it be for the smaller kit??
        Cheers Chris.

  9. How much does the bov cost i have a Bt 50 3.0 turbo diesle 4×4 2010 wuld i have 2 gt it profesionally put in or culd i do it myself nt sure were it goes

  10. Hi I have a 07 sr hilux d4d does this kit come complete so I can just wire/bolt it up with no dramas or needing anything extra? Cheers

    • Hi Matt,

      No, this is a universal kit. The electronic side of things is simple wire in, you shouldn’t need anything extra for that, but mounting the BOV will require some additional parts depending on how you go about it.

  11. hello have 76 series landcruiser diesel v8 keen on a cheaper upgrade before I put a chip in, would one of your bov kits suit , and would I get any real notable results straight away,and how much we,r looking at thank you

  12. Hi. Will this work on a 2012 toyota hilux 4×2 3ltr turbo diesel D4D? Thanks

    • Hi Duncan,

      Does your car run a VNT turbo, or is it traditionally wastegated? We haven’t had much experience with these kits on VNT equipped engines so I can’t say exactly how it will respond, however if it is a traditional turbo then yes you can install this kit.

  13. Hi there, If i was to get a BOV Control Kit (no BOV) and got a Plumb Back BOV would they work together? or do i need a specific BOV?

  14. Hi mate,
    I have a 2014 PX Ranger 3.2L TD. Can this kit be fitted to my car? Do you have any wiring diagrams to suit the rangers. Cheers

    • Hi,

      Our BOV controller kit is a universal item and as such we don’t have wiring diagrams available for different vehicles, however it is quite simple to install as we cover what you need to know in the instructions you receive with the kit (or they are available from the support section on our website). As for fitting your engine, again it is universal so there will be some custom work to be done, but it should be relatively straight forward for a fabricator to install.

  15. I have navara d22 yd25 cr 2.5 it making a flutter noise when under hi rev will the dissel bov fix it

    • Hi Cameron,
      Is the fluttering happening while accelerating or does it happen when you take your foot off the accelerator (e.g. when changing gears)?. If it occurs when the throttle is suddenly closed, then yes, the diesel BOV controller should fix it.

  16. Hi, I have a 1996 Toyota 4.2 land cruiser diesel and I was wondering if the BOV would fit it?

  17. How to energize the solenoid off the diesel blow off valve the wire is good to put in – negative and + positive feedback of the battery

  18. Usual question:
    Will this BOV work on a 16 litre cummins signature diesel running 42 psi in a Mack truck?
    It has fly by wire throttle and I can turn the boost as low as 32 psi with a hx60 turbo , It has 831hp gets major turbo flutter as soon as you let your foot off the gas.

  19. Hi im wondering if you can put a blow of valve on a 2008 pj xl turbo diesel ford ranger?

  20. Can this work on my 2001 2.8L Toyota Hilux LN166 Truck after I have turbo charged it ?

    • Hi Malcolm,

      Have a read through the instructions to get a better idea of how it is installed, but so long as your car has a throttle position sensor you can install this kit.

  21. Hi Turbo smart,
    Sorry to say my 2001 Toyota Hilux does not carry the throttle position sensor it just carries a mechanical injection pump. Since the above is the case can you offer anything that would work ?


    • Our system relies on the signal from a throttle position sensor to work, that is the only option.