Turbosmart Flying 500 Entrant: Precision Automotive Racing R35 GT-R

With the Turbosmart Flying 500 drawing closer and closer, we’re starting to see a very diverse mix of competitors, and the title of Flying 500 champion is still very much up in the air. The sole R35 in this years’ Flying 500 is a 1250-plus horsepower street car built by Precision Automotive Racing. This lack of representation is perhaps proof that the R35 is yet to take the tuner crown from its RB-engined predecessors. This car comes into the Flying 500 with a mission to prove that the R35 is every bit as worthy of tuner glory as its forefathers – and it’s in with a good chance of doing just that.

The Turbosmart Flying 500 is a competition of Australia’s fastest street cars, to see who can set the highest top speed over 500 metres on the straight of Sydney Motorsport Park, during World Time Attack Challenge. This year, Flying 500 is back – bigger and faster than ever.

When the R35 first hit the scene back in 2007, internet forums were alight with discussions about how this ultra-sensitive yet ultra-fast performance car was untuneable, about how the warranty would be voided if you so much as looked at it the wrong way. It has taken some time, but tuners will always find a way – and today, R35s such as this one built by Precision Automotive Racing are paving the way for the VR38 to usurp the RB as the ultimate street weapon.

The headline act in the Precision R35 is an in-house built, fully forged VR38DETT engine. Two Garrett GTX3582R turbochargers with custom manifolds, two Turbosmart HyperGate45 wastegates and two Race Port BOVs are added into the equation. Despite a massive 42PSI of boost, Precision’s aim was to maintain responsiveness and street-friendly power delivery.

The car is tuned with a Cobb Accessport, maintaining the factory ECU.

The combo is good for over 1250hp (932kW) at the wheels, and despite this, Precision’s Aaron McGranahan says the car still ‘drives like factory’. It still has a full interior and air conditioning, and even the dual clutch transmission remains, albeit beefed up with a Sheptrans transaxle and PPG gearset.

The Precision team set an Australian record for the fastest R35 on the quarter mile. A 9.09 at 171 MPH was close to being the quickest in Australia, too, with a 9.04 the current standing record. Unfortunately, the team was kicked off the drag strip after the last attempt, as the car lacked the safety gear it needed to run a 9-second pass at Sydney Dragway.

With these credentials, the Precision R35 stands a good chance of dethroning the current tuner halo car – the RB-engined GT-R. The guys from Precision also tell us that there have been a few sneaky changes since the car was last out, and all will be revealed at World Time Attack Challenge when it takes on the Flying 500. Which side will you be on? The new school V6 VR38, or the trusty, legendary RB?

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