Turbosmart for Diesel: New BOV Kits and Electronic Gauges for Turbo Diesel Vehicles

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The pursuit for performance doesn’t stop at the diesel pump. Turbosmart has responded to the ever-growing diesel and 4×4 market with a new range of gauges and diesel blow-off valve kits developed specifically for those looking to get more reliable performance out of their turbo diesel vehicle.

Electric Gauge Range for Turbo Diesel Vehicles

Turbosmart’s new turbo diesel range kicks off with four new electronic stepper-motor gauges specifically for turbo diesel vehicles. Covering exhaust gas temperature (EGT), transmission temperature and boost, these 52mm gauges provide access to data that is extremely important to monitor for the longevity of a tuned turbo diesel vehicle.

With bright backlit illumination and a timeless white on black colour scheme with a silver bezel, Turbosmart’s new gauges provide access to important information in a stylish, easy-to-read format that looks good in any interior.

Traditional boost gauges typically measure vacuum as well as boost. Diesel engines, however, do not produce vacuum, so often up to a quarter of a standard boost gauge goes unused. Turbosmart’s new diesel boost gauges measure boost only, with one measuring from 0-30PSI, and a 0-60PSI version for engines running higher boost. This allows more efficient use of the space on the gauge, providing better resolution and accuracy in boost measurement.

Transmission temperature gauges measure from 100 to 280 degrees Fahrenheit, while EGT gauges measure from 400 to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. Versions of these gauges measuring in Celsius will be available soon.

These gauges are a standalone solution. Included in the box is all the hardware needed to run the gauges, without interfering with the vehicle’s ECU. Boost gauges are supplied with a MAP sensor, while EGT and Transmission Temperature gauges are supplied with temperature sensors.

A sturdy and stylishly simple L-bracket three-gauge mount has also been designed to perfectly complement the new gauges. Manufactured from tough powder-coated steel, the bracket is an ideal mounting solution for the gauges necessary to ensure reliable performance from any turbo diesel vehicle.

Gauge part numbers and pricing:

TS-0701-1011 – Electric Boost Gauge 0-30PSI | For pricing and more info, click here.

TS-0701-1012 – Electric Boost Gauge – 0-60PSI | More information available soon.

TS-0701-3011 – Transmission Temperature Gauge | For pricing and more info, click here.

TS-0701-2011 – Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauge | For pricing and more info, click here.

TS-0740-1002 – L-Bracket 3 Gauge Mount | For pricing and more info, click here.


New Diesel Blow-Off Valve Kits

Secondly, we have developed three new Diesel Blow-Off Valve kits. Turbosmart’s Blow-Off Valve Controller Kit has long been one of the only ways to fit a fully-functioning blow-off valve to a turbo diesel vehicle, reducing damaging compressor surge in heavily boosted applications.

Since diesel engines do not produce vacuum, they cannot run traditional vacuum-operated blow-off valves. However, turbo diesel engines running high boost and large turbochargers can still experience compressor surge when the driver backs off the throttle, as the intertia of the turbocharger is still attempting to force air into a decelerating engine. Also known as turbo flutter, compressor surge is potentially catastrophic for the bearings inside the turbo. Turbosmart’s solution relieves that pressure build up by utilising the vehicle’s throttle position sensor to energise a solenoid to operate the blow-off valve when the driver backs off the throttle.

The blow-off valve prevents compressor surge by venting the pressurised air before it reaches the turbo. This keeps turbine speed more stable, meaning better boost response when you get back on the throttle.

Because Turbosmart knows that every set up is different, our three new Blow-Off Valve Controller Kits allow owners to select the blow-off valve that gives them the best combination of flow, size and cost for their individual applications.

The Kompact, Type 5 and Big Bubba BOV Controller Kits join the existing Race Port kit to offer something to suit just about every turbo diesel application.

The Big Bubba’s massive size makes it perfect for the most extreme big capacity diesel engines, like V8 Turbo Diesel pick ups and large capacity trucks. The mid level Type 5 is suitable for moderately modified turbo diesels, and the Kompact is ideal for small capacity four-cylinder turbo diesels with limited engine bay space.

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BOV Controller Kit Part Numbers and Pricing:

TS-0304-1001 – BOV Controller Kit – Race Port – Blue | For pricing and more info, click here.

TS-0304-1002 – BOV Controller Kit – Race Port – Black | For pricing and more info, click here.

TS-0304-1005 – BOV Controller Kit – Type 5 Supersonic – Black | For pricing and more info, click here.

TS-0304-1006 – BOV Controller Kit – Kompact – Black | For pricing and more info, click here.

TS-0304-1009 – BOV Controller Kit – Bubba Sonic – Black | For pricing and more info, click here.

TS-0304-1003 – BOV Controller Kit – No BOV, controller and fittings only | For pricing and more info, click here.

Coming soon: 

Internal wastegate actuators for Nissan Patrol ZD30DDTi and TD42T engines.