Turbosmart for Subaru

Over the years, Subaru has manufactured some perennial favourites of the turbocharged car world, and remains a brand with a cult following among turbo enthusiasts. Turbocharged variants of the Impreza, Liberty and Forester have entertained car enthusiasts for decades with their torquey turbo engines, trademark symmetrical all-wheel-drive and distinctive boxer rumble.

Turbosmart’s spirit of ongoing research and development has culminated in our latest range of bolt-on blow-off valves and internal wastegate actuators, that cover a vast range of Subaru models.

Subaru Blow-Off Valves

Turbosmart has a vast range of direct bolt-on blow-off valves for a variety Subaru models.

For the stock to lightly modified

As a lower cost alternative for stock to lightly modified vehicles, Turbosmart’s Kompact blow-off valves offer race bred performance in a space-efficient package. Engineered with the same race-winning precision as the rest of Turbosmart’s range, the Kompact is anything but light on performance.

The Kompact is available in both recirculating Plumb Back and 50-50 Dual Port options, depending on the owner’s preference for sound. Once again, the Dual Port’s modular design makes changes to the set up easy. Decide you want quieter operation from your BOV? Simply unscrew the Dual Port’s trumpet and install the supplied blanking plug, transforming the BOV to a fully recirculating valve.

The Kompact is available for the following Subaru models:

For the moderately to highly modified

The Type 5 is the quintessential Turbosmart blow-off valve. The largest and highest-flowing of our model specific valves for Subaru, the Type 5 is suitable for more modified applications that require a high flowing BOV to prevent compressor surge. The Type 5 is available as a full vent-to-atmosphere Supersonic, full recirculating Plumb Back, or a highly versatile Dual Port, which recirculates some air back into the intake, and the rest to atmosphere.

As a bonus, the Dual Port features a versatile modular design, so if you wish to change the function of the valve to either a full recirculating or full vent-to-atmosphere, it’s as simple as removing one of the fittings and replacing it with one of the supplied blanking plugs.

The Vee Port Pro is a lightweight and compact, full vent-to-atmosphere valve with excellent flow for its size. If space and weight is a concern, and there’s no need to plumb the vented air back into the intake, the Vee Port Pro is an ideal option.

The Type 5 and Vee Port Pro are available for the following Subaru models:

The Smart Port is the latest innovation in blow-off valves, and is available to suit the 2015-on WRX. The Smart Port takes the versatile Type 5 and brings it to a new level of technology, with our new Smart Trumpet which helps reduce valve response time while also retaining engine idle quality and ECU integration.

Subaru Internal Wastegate Actuators

The wastegate actuator is the device responsible for controlling how much boost the turbocharger is allowed to produce, by diverting gasses away from the turbine, thus controlling its speed.

Turbosmart’s Internal Wastegate Actuators replace the Subaru’s factory ‘tin can’ wastegate actuator. Factory wastegate actuators are generally fitted with soft springs, and with a small diaphragm surface area, they can be forced open long before peak boost is reached. The IWG-75’s larger diaphragm surface area and stiffer springs means it’s harder to push the wastegate open, keeping it closed for longer. This means boost comes on sooner and holds on longer. Where the standard actuator causes boost to falter at high RPMs, Turbosmart’s IWG-75 keeps the boost on for longer, improving performance.

Turbosmart IWGs are available for the following Subaru models:

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