Turbosmart onboard with FX Motorsports

FX Motorsports will be driving a Turbosmart supported NSX for the rest of the Time Attack season.

This class leading car is fully outfitted with Turbosmart wastegates, BOVs, fuel pressure regulators and silicone hoses.

“Time Attack is a very demanding form of motorsport,” said the general manager of TurbosmartUSA – Marty Staggs, “the turbo system components are working under a full load for extended periods of time. To survive this sort of punishment, the parts need to have excellent heat handling characteristics and be extremely durable.”

“In short, these are ideal proving grounds for our products.”

The FX Motorsport Honda NSX produces over 600bhp and weighs just 1170kg. It is also a lap record holder for Willow Springs (1:18.555), Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch (2:13.057) and Auto Club Speedway (1:36.103)

The FX Motorsport is using Turbosmart HyperGates, Race Ports, and FPR2000.

See the FX Motorsport NSX at the following events:

May 22nd – Superlap – Las Vegas
June 27th – Pikes Peak
July 2 – 4th – Redline Time Attack – Big Willow
Sept 16 – 17th – Silver State Classis – Eli Nevada
Sept 18 – 19th – Redline Time Attack – Spring Mountain
Oct 23 – 24th – Redline Time Attack – Infineon
Nov 10th – Superlap – Buttonwillow
Nov 12 – 14th – Redline Time Attack – Fontana