New and Improved Fuel Pressure Regulator Range from Turbosmart

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For almost a decade, tuners and racers have trusted Turbosmart’s Fuel Pressure Regulators range to deliver some of the most reliable and stable fuel pressure in the industry. For 2017, Turbosmart has gone back to the drawing board to develop an entirely new range. The new FPR800, FPR1200 and FPR2000 are designed from the ground up to be as small and light as possible, keeping vehicle weight down while delivering exceptionally stable fuel pressures under all conditions.

Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator FPR1200

New manufacturing processes have also been adopted to ensure even better reliability from the regulator. The valve is now ‘bedded in’ at the factory to ensure there is no variation in base pressure after the run-in period. New stainless steel internals means the FPR is now even more resistant to extra heavy duty use, all in a lightweight package. Turbosmart’s new FPR still works with any fuel type, including E85, methanol, and race fuels.

Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator FPR2000

A three-level range provides varying levels of flow to cater for the requirements of different fuel systems. The entry-level FPR800 is suitable for fuel systems rated at up to 800HP with 1/8NPT fittings. The mid-level FPR1200 features -6AN fittings and is suitable for fuel systems rated at up to 1200HP. The range-topping FPR2000 is the ideal match for systems rated at up to 2000HP, featuring -8AN fittings.

TS-0401-1101 FPR800 – Blue
TS-0401-1102 FPR800 – Black

TS-0401-1103 FPR1200 – Blue
TS-0401-1104 FPR1200 – Black

TS-0401-1105 FPR2000 – Blue
TS-0401-1106 FPR2000 – Black

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