Turbosmart releases new billet fuel and turbo oil feed filters, oil drains and flange adapters

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Turbosmart’s range of precision-engineered performance products has expanded to include new high-performance filtration products and turbo fittings, with the introduction of a range of billet fuel and turbo oil feed filters, turbo oil feed flange adapters, and turbo oil drains.

The new range of billet fuel filters provides the perfect accompaniment to Turbosmart’s Fuel Pressure Regulators. These fully serviceable, high-flowing filters are designed for maximum filtration with minimal pressure loss throughout the system, ensuring that your engine gets the fuel it needs. They are available in three sizes to suit different fuel systems and FPRs, covering -6AN, -8AN and -10AN fitting sizes. A 10-micron stainless steel filter element ensures the engine receives clean fuel, free of the finest particles. The filter element is replaceable, meaning minimal cost come service time.

TS-0402-1130 – Billet Fuel Filter 10um -6AN Male – BLACK
TS-0402-1131 – Billet Fuel Filter 10um -8AN Male – BLACK
TS-0402-1132 – Billet Fuel Filter 10um -10AN Male – BLACK

Turbosmart’s turbo oil feed filters make sure your turbo is always fed with clean oil. Due to their small oil galleries, it’s highly important for the turbocharger to be spared of any debris that may become dislodged from the engine, and a 44-micron stainless steel filter element ensures even the smallest particles are kept away from the turbo. The oil feed filters are available with both -3AN and -4AN fitting sizes.

TS-0804-1001 – Billet Turbo Oil Feed Filter 44um -3AN – BLACK
TS-0804-1002 – Billet Turbo Oil Feed Filter 44um -4AN – BLACK

Turbo oil leaks are not only annoying, but they can also be a common cause of engine fires in motorsport. The problem can often be traced to an incorrectly setup turbo oil drain. Turbosmart’s new billet turbo oil feed flange adapters and oil drains offer a reliable and simple solution to prevent oil leaks at the turbo oil drain, improving safety. They get the drain further away from the turbine housing, allowing better access to fittings and improved heat management.

The flange adapters are designed to adapt the turbocharger’s oil feed to a -8AN or -10AN thread, allowing for the fitment of a Turbosmart Oil Drain. Three sizes of flange adapters are available to suit a wide variety of turbochargers. The Oil Drains, available in -8 or-10 AN thread sizes, offer reliable sealing under high pressures thanks to their ORB (O-ring boss) sealing fittings.

TS-0804-1010 – Billet Turbo Drain Adapter – 38-44mm slotted Universal for Small Frame Turbochargers
TS-0804-1011 – Billet Turbo Drain Adapter – 52mm for T3/T4 style Turbochargers
TS-0804-1012 – Billet Turbo Drain Adapter – 52.5mm for LargeFrame Turbochargers

TS-0804-1020 – Billet Turbo Drain Extension AN-8 Male to AN-8 Port (ORB) – BLACK
TS-0804-1021 – Billet Turbo Drain Extension AN-10 Male to AN-10 Port (ORB) – BLACK

Anodized in a timeless black, Turbosmart’s new filters, oil drains, and flange adapters provide the ultimate in performance, while also looking the part in any high-performance build. 

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