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Turbosmart, the world-leading manufacturer of high performance turbo management and boost control accessories has announced the opening of a new facility in the United Kingdom. The globally recognised, Australian-owned company has been exporting products to the United Kingdom for many years, and is now targeting massive expansion in the area, as well as the surrounding European and Middle East markets, with a full-time warehousing, sales, marketing and local research and development facility in Birmingham.

Supporting the global market has been a key strategy for the performance brand since it opened its Sydney-based manufacturing facility in 1997. In 2007 Turbosmart USA was established in Southern California as the company’s distribution hub for America, and enjoys the success of continued growth.

Turbosmart UK, aims to emulate this same success by bringing a more personalised approach, tailored specifically to the UK market. This means hiring UK residents, continued support of the local motorsport scene, and ensuring Turbosmart continues to innovate through UK specific research and development programmes.

Newly appointed General Manager of Turbosmart UK, Chris Milne, is well experienced to take on the role, having been Turbosmart’s Export Manager prior to this new portfolio. “The UK region represents a massive opportunity for us moving forward.” Says Mr Milne. “Opening our own facility here is a truly exciting project, as it allows us access to the local market and vehicles so we can continue to adapt ourselves, and our technology to best support the UK and Europe. We’re bringing a full research and development programme with us, and will be looking for the right people to help us build on our existing relationships with the local distributors and sponsored drivers we’ve been working with for the past decade.”

Mr Milne is also very enthusiastic about the local motorsport scene, “We are currently a major sponsor of the Scottish Super Lap series, and are looking forward to both continuing that support, and also becoming more involved in regional motorsport within the UK.” Motorsport makes up a huge part of Turbosmart’s history, as well as its design and engineering process. In fact, many world record holders across many disciplines from Drag Racing to Time Attack use Turbosmart products to achieve their goals. This invaluable motorsport experience and race-proven knowledge is then transferred into products for both race cars and road cars, such as the popular Ford Focus, and Subaru WRX.

Turbosmart founder and CEO, Nic Cooper says, “We don’t believe in producing ‘hero’ products for the privileged few – Rather, high quality solutions using technology born and proven in Motorsport that any enthusiast or professional can have for their car.”

High quality is definitely a huge part of the Turbosmart mantra – Today, all Turbosmart products are still proudly designed and manufactured under the one roof at their corporate HQ in Sydney. The brand goes to such lengths as to quality test every single product before it is boxed and shipped. Not one in a hundred, not even one in ten – Every single product.

This kind of personal, hands-on attention to detail and quality control is what makes up the DNA of all Turbosmart products. Knowing that the products are built to last and ‘Engineered to Win’ gives enthusiasts and professional racers the world over the confidence to use Turbosmart.

This confidence and personal touch is what Turbosmart UK brings with it when opens its doors on August 25th 2014.

For more information on how Turbosmart can help your business or your team, contact 0121 368 0719 or email sales@turbosmartuk.com

Turbosmart - Engineered to win